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Sonoff S26F Review – Affordable Smart Plug

Sonoff is a known brand and makes affordable smart gadgets, like plugs, lights and other electrical smart devices. This Sonoff S26F is a very affordable option and it is smaller than the Sonoff S20. There are several plugs available for different countries and different connections. Let’s have a look at the Sonoff S26F!

Introduction & Specifications

Comparing the specifications of the Sonoff S20 and this Sonoff S26F, we don’t see that much difference. The Sonoff S26F is a little bit smaller, which is a good thing. I personally think that a smart plug must be as small as possible, like the BlitzWolf BW-SHP6 or the BlitzWolf BW-SHP2. Considering the price and the functionality of the Sonoff plugs, I think this is a great and affordable option.

Standard: US/ UK/ AU/ EU(type F/E)
Power Supply:90V~250V AC(50/60Hz)
Maximum Current:10A
Maximum Power:2200W
Enclosure Material:Fire Retardant ABS
Wireless Standard:802.11.b/g/n 2.4G WiFi
Operating Temperature:0ºC-40ºC(32°F-104°F)
Operating Humidity:5%-90%RH, Non-condensing
Product Dimensions:104*55*73(mm)
Certification:CE, FCC


The Sonoff S26F comes in another box than the Sonoff S20. This model comes in a white box with less information on it. Inside the box, we find the same. The S26F smart plug and some sheets of paper with how to use it and what app to download. Nothing more is needed and I like the minimalistic look of this box better.

Hardware & Design

The Sonoff S26F is a smaller smart plug that makes it more convenient to handle. The functionality stays the same compared to the Sonoff S20. The ring and power button are clearly seen on the front. There is no need to keep the button insight, you can place the Sonoff S26F behind a closet or in a closet. You can turn it on and off with your smartphone or smart assistants.

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The materials feel good and solid. It is slightly smaller than the Sonoff S20, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, there is no extra USB port, but that is not a requirement.


I still think there should be one universal app where you can connect all, or almost all, smart home accessories too. Now you have to install several apps to use different hardware. For the Sonoff S26F, you need the EWelink App which is available for Android and iOS. Below I will explain how to connect your Sonoff S26F.

Sonoff S26F 009

How To Connect?

Before you are able to use the Sonoff S26F, there are some things you must take care of. You must have a 2.4GHz WiFi network. With a newer and faster 5GHz WiFi network it won’t work. Of course, you must have the password to the WiFi network. Also, your router must be MAC-Open.

In order to use the Sonoff S26F, you need to download the EWelink app (Google Play Store // Apple App Store). Register your account and log in with your newly made account.

Plug the Sonoff S26F in the wall socket and wait for the ring to blink in green. Now, press and hold the button for +-7 seconds until the green ring will blink more rapidly. In the EWelink app, press the “+” sign and make the connection with the socket. Log in to your WiFi network and give a name to your socket. Done! You are able to use the Sonoff S26F now!

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A smart socket must do more than just turn a light on or off. Luckily, Sonoff is a pretty big brand in smart gadgets and they have some additional features. You can use several smart assistants and even create your own actions based on things that happen with IFTTT. In the Ewelink App, you can make and create custom schedules and customer scenes. A lot of additional features, which is a good thing.

Sonoff S26F 007

Smart Assistants / Other Features

You can use your Sonoff S26F with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Nest! A lot of programs and smart assistants are available, which is a good thing. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Google or Amazon, you can use it with your smart speaker! With the compatibility of Nest and IFTTT, you can really customize how you use your Sonoff S26F.


Smaller in size, an affordable price, and support for different smart assistants and apps. The Sonoff S26F is a great option if you are looking to make your house smarter. I rather see a smaller sized smart plug, like BlitzWolf is producing. The features and multi-platform support are great and this makes it definitely an option to consider.

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Sonoff S26F




Product Size/Design









  • Price
  • Smaller than Sonoff S20
  • Easy and simple app
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support


  • Size
  • Potentially block second socket

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