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Ranres RW01MN Review – Where Are My Keys?!

When you need to leave, it is super annoying if you have to search for your smartphone or your keys. You want to leave! With the Ranres RW01MN, you are good to go! If you can not find your smartphone, press the button on the Ranres RW01MN, and your smartphone will make a sound. This also works the other way around! Press a button on your smartphone, and the Ranres RW01MN will make a sound. Handy and essential if you lose your stuff often. Can this device compete with the Nut Find 3?

Introduction & Specifications

The Ranres RW01MN is a small round object, and it is pretty flat. With this device, you can track your smartphone or your keys/wallet/bag or any other item you attach this too (I attached it to my keys). If you lose one of those two items, you can now easily find it back. The Ranres RW01MN is a small and convenient device that works how you expect it to work. Simple but effective. The design is done well with a very minimalistic look.

Color:White / Blue / Pink
Size:42 x 42 x 8mm


The front of the box is colorful. You see the available colors, White, Pink, and White. Besides that, we find Chinese signs which I can not read. At the back, we find the specifications, but again it is written in Chinese. No idea what everything means, but you can guess the most. The inside is minimalistic with just the Ranres RW01MN and a guide, in Chinese.

Hardware & Design

I like the design of the Ranres RW01MN. It is small, feels good, and seems to be solid. The leather string on it is a nice and premium looking finish. The button is easily clickable and feels solid too. Sometimes you have a fragile feeling button, but the Ranres RW01MN feels good. You can easily open it and replace the battery without going to a company or repair shop, which is a good thing. I opened it several times and it still closes as good as before without becoming looser.

Replace Battery

As this device does not have a charger port, it is essential to change the battery quickly and easily. You can pop in a coin or any small object and click open the Ranres RW01MN rather quickly. Here you see the inside of the Ranres RW01MN and the coin cell battery. Now replace it and click it back together, and you are good to go! Super easy and a plus that you can replace the battery quickly.

Xiaomi Ranres Tracker 0022


We can not expect a whole lot of unique and outstanding features on an anti-lost device. The Ranres RW01MN has the minimum features, and they work well. What are those features? Let’s have a look below.

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One Click Find

This might be the handiest feature on the Ranres RW01MN. If you lost your tracker, you could get it back with just one click in the app. If you forgot your smartphone, you can get it back with only one click on the Ranres RW01MN. Super handy, and this is what I was looking for in an anti-lost device. You don’t want to press ten buttons, do some complicated tasks. Just open the app, click, and the button, and hear your smartphone somewhere or simply press the button and done!

Xiaomi Ranres Tracker 0013

Long Distance

With the Ranres RW01MN, you can transfer the signal over 15 meters! This might not sound like a significant distance, but measure your house for a second. You see now how far 15 meters is. You should be able to find back your lost device easily.

Loss Proof Reminder

If you have both on you, let’s say the Ranres RW01MN in your wallet, and it gets stolen, this feature will give you a notification when the connection between the two is broken. This can be handy if you leave your house without your keys, you leave the restaurant without your bag, or your wallet gets stolen. Overall, this feature prevents you from losing your items.

Xiaomi Ranres Tracker 0019

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The software is simple, but it works. There are English names on the menu which makes it accessible and useable for me too. When you download the app, you need to log in first. You can create an account, but you can also log in with your Xiaomi account, which I did. Once that is done, you have access to the Ranres app. Here you can add your Ranres RW01MN now.

Adding the Ranres RW01MN is easy. Click on Add and the app almost instantly finds a Ranres RW01MN available. Add it by following the steps and the tracker is available for you to keep your belongings safe.

In the menu, you can set it up just how you like and it and the functionality. Also, Ranres has some options and available features.

Are you an Android user? Click Here to download the Ranres app.
Are you an iOS user? Click Here to download the Ranres app.


If you are looking for a good working and affordable (even though there are cheap options available), the Ranres RW01MN is a great option. The size is great, looks are good, and it works. Setting up this tracker is easy and everybody should be able to do this. The price could be lower, but again, it is still affordable. This is an option you should consider if you are looking for a tracker.

I do hope that in future updates, the app will be 100% in English. This a downside now if you ask me.

Ranres RW01MN




Product Size/Design




Battery Life





  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to replace the battery
  • Battery life is good.
  • Features are good, but limited


  • App is in Chinese
  • A bit expensive

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