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Yeelight YLDP12YL Review – Affordable, Easy, and a Must-Have!

Having a smart light bulb changed everything at my house. I’m now able to turn on the lights at a certain time, even when I’m not home. Or turn them off when I go to bed by just saying to Google: “Hey Google, turn off all my lights”. That’s it, all the lights in my house are off. This will also save money when you are able to monitor the lights and how long they are on. With the Yeelight YLDP12YL, you are able to save some good money! Want to know how much? We will tell you below!

Specifications & Introduction

Yeelight is a known brand if you are looking for smart lights. They have a complete line up of desk lights, ceiling lights, and smart color lights I really like the complete ecosystem of the lights and the hub which worked great but ended up switching to TP-Link. Now, with the Yeelight YLDP12YL, you can just install these without a hub! Control them with the Yeelight or the Mijia app and you are good to go! I really like this light without a hub and this might cause me to switch back to Yeelight again. The specifications are good and the estimated energy price per year is just amazing. You have a good lightbulb and save money while making your house smarter.

Model: Filament (YLDP12YL)
Brightness:700 Lumens
Color Temperature:1700k - 6500k
Frequency Bands:12400MHz - 2483.5MHz
Hub Required?No
Voltage US:120V 60Hz
Voltage Europe:220V-240V 50/60Hz
Voltage Others:100V-240V 40/60Hz
Energy Label:A+
Estimated Energy Costs Per Year:$0.72
Other Featues:Google Assistant / Apple Homekit


The box of the Yeelight YLDP12YL is small and the lightbulb just fits in there. The packaging is done very well with bubble plastic around it to protect the lightbulb. This is a must since the lightbulb just fits in there. On the outside of the box, we have information, a lot of information. The front is showing a picture of the Yeelight YLDP12YL. On one side we have some features, the energy table, and a QR code to the app. Want to set up the light in less than 30 seconds? Have a look at the back of the box. On the other side, we have more information and warnings.

The size of the box is great, there is no overuse of plastic, in fact, there is no plastic at all. There is no information sheet inside because it is all on the side of the box. No waste of materials at Yeelight. Really happy to see that.

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Hardware & Design

A lamp is a lamp but we do see some different designs. For example, the TP-Link lights and Yeelight E27 are a lot bigger if we compare it to the Yeelight YLDP12YL. This light is small and has the same wireless functionality. The inside look of the lamp looks cool and I like that you can see the inside. With the Yeelight E27 that is not possible. Personally, I think it makes it look more fragile, while it is the same as the other lamps but that is just my feeling.

The smart electronics are smaller but it is packed very well and feel solid. Overall, the design is great. Smaller than other lamps on the market and it offers the same functionality.


You are able to control the Yeelight YLDP12YL with the Yeelight app and the Mijia Home app. I like the fact that you have a choice on what app you want to use for the control of your light. Personally, I like the Yeelight app more. This app is more focussed on the lights itself and you are easily able to control all the different lights in your house. On the other hand, if you have more smart home products, the Mijia app is more convenient.

How To Connect?

This should be really easy. On the packaging, Yeelight states that you can set up the Yeelight YLDP12YL in 30-seconds. How?

1. Screw the bulb in. This is the easy part.
2. Start the Yeelight App and make sure you have a WiFi connection.
3. Pair the Yeelight YLDP12YL within the app by following the guidelines in the Yeelight App.
4. That’s it! Enjoy your light!

For a smart light, this is the easiest set up I’ve seen so far. Most of the time, you have to flick the switch a couple of times and make sure it is in pairing mode, but with this light, you are done before you realize it! Super easy.

Yeelight YLDP12YL 001

Yeelight App

You can easily use the Yeelight YLDP12YL with the Yeelight app. You have to open the app and click on “Add Device”. For this model, the Yeelight YLDP12YL, you need to choose the “Google customer color light blub” for it to work. There are many other lamps available, but this is the one you need to select. Now, you have to reset your light by turning it on and off 5 times with 2 seconds in between each time. When done correctly, your light will start flashing. Yeelight will now look for the light and you have to follow the setup. Super easy!

Within the app, you can set custom schedules, set the color and make favorites to remind certain settings of the light. Personally, I like to use the Yeelight app better than the Mijia app.


Well, features… A lightbulb is a lightbulb and you can not expect some crazy features on it. Luckily, Yeelight itself has some great features like IFTTT support and, since recently, Apple Homekit support. Let’s learn a bit more about the supported platforms.

Google Assistant

Ah, this is just something I love! Walking into my room and just ask Google to turn on my lights. With the Yeelight YLDP12YL, you are able to do that too! You can connect the Yeelight app to Google Home and control your lights with your voice and let Google do all the work for you. Lower the light? Turn it on or off? Let Google do that! Luckily, this new light from Yeelight has Google Assistant support built-in. Love it!

Yeelight Filament 0020

Apple HomeKit

Recently Yeelight got HomeKit certified! This is great news now that they are certified, you can use it with Apple HomeKit! Apple HomeKit is an app on your Apple device where you can control a lot of smart devices in your house. It supports over 50 brands and this is basically the only app that you need to control lights, switches or any other supported smart device. Yeelight being approved is a major step for the brand and I think it was the only right thing to do. The lights, including the Yeelight YLDP12YL, are such good products that they deserve the certification.


By default, the Yeelight YLDP12YL gives a warm white color. In the Mijia or Yeelight app, you can make it colder or warmer and brighten or dim the light. It is super easy in setting up and it is very power efficient. The performance is great and, looking at the price, this is a light that would make many people happy.


This is a smart light that is affordable but gives you insights into your usage and lets you make customer schedules. You can control your lights when you are not home and let them turn on at a certain time to make it look like you are home while you are not. This makes your house safer. The looks of the light are great and I like the fact that you can really see the inside of the light.

Installing and controlling the Yeelight YLDP12YL is super easy. There is support for Google Assistant and Apple Homekit so that you can control your light with your voice. Handy and super easy! A light to recommend to people who are looking for an easy to use smart light.

Yeelight YLDP12YL




Product Size/Design









  • High quality product
  • Features, like Apple Homekit, are good and widely supported
  • Design looks good
  • Installation is super easy


  • None!

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