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BlitzWolf BW-WA1 Review – A Feature-Rich, On-The-Go Speaker

Laying outside while enjoying the after summer sun is better with some music. You can play it from your smartphone speaker, but that is just not enough. We received a very good speaker from BlitzWolf, the BlitzWolf BW-WA1! A speaker that you can take outside, on a boat or just inside your livingroom. It has an IPX5 rating, which means you don’t have to rush inside when it starts dripping with rain. How good is this speaker? Let’s find out!

Introduction & Specifications

The Mifa A1, Mifa F10, or the JKR KR-1000 are great speaker. You can use them outdoor and carry them around easily. BlitzWolf just released the BlitzWolf BW-WA1, but can this speaker beat the competition? The specifications are promising and I’m very curios about the battery life and the sound quality. Let’s have a look!

Material:PVC, Rubber
Bluetooth Version:5.0 + EDR
Bluetooth Distance:+- 10M
Input Voltage:DC5.0V
Battery Capacity:1200 mAh
Working Time:6 to 10 hours
Charging Time:2 to 3 hours
Charging Current:800 mA
Certification:FCC, CE, RoHS
Net Weight:520g
Size (L x W x H):196 x 83 x 81mm


The BlitzWolf BW-WA1 comes in the same colored box of the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7 for example. There is no big picture on the front, but the colors are the same. The box has the name on the front, and there are some minor specifications on the back.

Inside the box, we find the user manual and some cables. There is a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack to connect your smartphone via cable. A micro-USB cable is also provided. The last thing inside is a string to attach to the speaker.

Hardware & Design

This speaker looks great. The design team of BlitzWolf did a great job once again. The buttons are clear and click with a good solid feeling, the ports are well covered to keep it waterproof, and there are anti-skid silicone pads to keep it in place.

With a weight of 520 grams, you can easily carry this speaker around without it being too heavy. This is also a good bonus if you are using the BlitzWolf BW-WA1. No super heavy speaker to carry to the park.


First, you have to turn it on using the power button. By holding this, the speaker will turn on. When you hold it while it is on, it will turn off. After it is turned on, you will hear in what mode it is (Bluetooth mode or Radio). You can easily change this by just clicking the power button once.

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The play button is also simple. You press it once to pause a song and press it again to play it again. When you receive an incoming call, you press this button once again to answer or end the call.
Clicking the “+” button will go straight to the next song. If you want the volume to increase, you have to hold the “+” sign.
Pressing the “-” button will first get you to the beginning of the song. Pressing it right after that again, you will go to the previous song. Hold the “-” button will decrease the volume.

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The controls are a bit different, where normally pressing the volume button once will increase the volume, but here you have to hold it to adjust the volume.

How to connect?

Connecting to the BlitzWolf BW-WA1 is easy. You have to turn it on using the power button and it will most likely be in Bluetooth Mode. If that is not the case, you have to switch to it by clicking the power button once. Now, go to your smartphone or another device that you want to connect to the speaker and look for “BW-WA1”. Click this once to make the connection and you are done!

Sound Quality

Using the BlitzWolf BW-WA1 in different scenarios (on a boat, in house, and at a party), I must say that the quality of the sound is good. You can make this better by using an equalizer, but by default, the speaker is good too.

There is a good bass, but when you put it louder, this might become a bit too much. When the volume is set to 50%-70%, you get the best sound quality from the speaker. It doesn’t matter if you are playing R&B, Hip-Hop, hardcore, or classical music, all genres will be well presented with this speaker.


There are a lot of different speakers out there. Expensive speakers, more affordable speakers but which one do you want? Sound quality might not be everything. What are the other features of the speaker? The BlitzWolf BW-WA1 has some good features, let’s find out some of them!

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Battery Life

With a 1200 mAh battery, you can enjoy your music for a long time. With a charge time of 2 to 3 hours, you get 8 to 10 hours of music playing time! Having a day at the park, on a boat or anywhere else is no problem. With 10 hours of playtime (not at 100% volume), you will be covered for the whole day! After the IP rating, this might be one of the best features of the BlitzWolf BW-WA1.

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The BlitzWolf BW-WA1 has an IP rating of IPX5. What does that mean? You can find more about this on our BLOG POST about IP Ratings. Basically, this means that the product is tested and passed those tests of having 12.5 liters of water sprayed at them per minute. It doesn’t matter if this is straight from above or from the side.

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Sometimes you receive a phone call when you are relaxing while using the BlitzWolf BW-WA1. With this speaker, you can answer the call by just pressing the play button. Super easy! The quality is not super great, as the microphone is not the best, but you can have a conversation with it. Especially if you are at a park or something, you might not be able to have a pleasant conversation.

TWS Mode

Want to throw a house party and have two speakers connected? With the BlitzWolf BW-WA1, you are able to! When you both turned them on, double click the play button on one of the speakers to switch to TWS pairing mode. Now, the connection will be made between the speakers and the one you double-clicked the play button on will be the host. You can place them 10 meters apart from each other and still enjoy TWS mode. A great feature to fill a room with music.


This is a good-sized speaker which gives you a decent quality of sound. There are smaller speakers, like the Mifa F10 or the Mifa A1, but the sound quality of the BlitzWolf BW-WA1 is better. The IPX5 rating and the very good battery life are some great features too. Also, if you want to throw a party, you can put two of the BlitzWolf BW-WA1 speakers in TWS mode and let them connect with each other! Enjoy great sound, without lag, throughout your house. Unfortunately, you will have to get used to the controls, which are different. Calling with the speaker is also not a great experience.

Overall, this is a very good speaker option that offers good sound quality and other features that make me like it even more.

BlitzWolf BW-WA1


Music Quality




Product Size/Design


Battery Life


Call Quality/Functions



  • Price
  • Battery life is amazing!
  • Sound quality is good
  • Waterproof rating of IPX5


  • Volume controls are different
  • Calling is not really working

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