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TP-Link KC110 Review – The All-in-One Security Camera

Protecting your home is, unfortunately, needed. Door sensors, cameras, and motion detectors are some of those security measures. We had a look at the ZS GX1, which was a good option. Today, we are looking at the TP-Link KC110. I bought this camera because my smart sockets are also from TP-Link and all home controls are now in one app which makes it easier for me. But, how good is this camera?

Introduction & Specifications

How easy is it to get a notification when one of your cameras detected motion? Just have a quick look and see if someone is snooping around in your house. With the TP-Link KC110, you can see everything in HD and move around. Zooming in is no issue at all for this all-round camera. You get free cloud storage and there are paid options available too. I’m just in love with this camera and the very well working software, Kasa. Have a look at all the specs below:

Connection Methode:Kasa app
Video Resolution:1920x1080P
Tilt:360 degrees
Zoom:Yes, 8 times
Frames Per Second:15 fps
Camera Type:Indoor
WiFi Built-in:Yes
Capture Options:Cloud
Free Look Back:Yes, 2 days
2-Way Audio:Yes
Smarthome Platforms:Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT, Homey
Size (D X H X W):8,2 x 11,26 x 8,2 (cm)


The box of the TP-Link KC110 is pretty big and there is a lot of information on the box. Unlike the products of BlitzWolf, you can read almost everything you want to know about this camera from the box. For example, there is a picture, specifications, features, and general information on the box. Personally, I think this is a bit too much.

Unpacking we find the TP-Link KC110, of course, but there is also a manual, a wall mount kit, and a long charging cable with wall plug. This long cable is actually really handy since you can now, without buying another cable, hang it on your ceiling with the wall mount kit. I would have loved to see the box be smaller as that would have been possible.

Hardware & Design

The TP-Link KC110 is a pretty big camera. Does that matter? To me, it does not. The most important thing is, it will record what is going on. The base of the camera is good sized and holds the charger port at the back. The turning and looking around goes smoothly with the application and the camera only makes little noise when doing so.

When holding the camera, it has a plastic feeling to it, which might feel cheap to you. The lens and built quality do look good and premium, just like the microphone in it. Seeing the price and the feeling, it might be a bit expensive, but the software will make it all good. Believe me!


Having a good camera is one thing, having good software is something else. I’ve seen some really bad camera apps around that are just a pain in the … to use. Besides usability, security is important in this case too. Can you trust just any app with the camera feed? Luckily, TP-Link is a big name so I have more faith in their software than other, small and buggy camera apps. The software you need to control this camera is called Kasa and is available for Android and iOS.

Kasa App

Kasa is the app that TP-Link uses for its smart plugs, camera, and other devices. This app can control your whole house if everything is set up with the TP-Link products (which is the case in my house). In the app, you can add plugs, control the camera, and look back at events that happened. Besides the good working features, the app runs super smooth. I never run into issues with the app at all.

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How To Setup?

Sometimes it can be tricky to set up a security camera. You have to scan QR codes, fill in small digits on the bottom of the camera or do other crazy steps. None of that all apply to the TP-Link KC110. All you have to do is download the Kasa app, make sure your smartphone is on WiFi (strong) and plug in the camera to the power!

Now, just follow the on-screen steps and the Kasa app will start looking automatically for an available, new camera to connect to. After this, name your camera and you are good to go! Control it, monitor your room and set it up as you wish. Easy and no complicated steps at all.


There are numerous settings that you can change in the camera itself, which makes it highly customizable. Like Motion Tracking is available. This will follow a subject when insight and locked. This can be handy if you have the camera mainly as a security camera and no other moving people/pets around. With this mode enabled, the camera will follow the person around. Super handy.

You can set Activity Zones, more on that below, and set it up on Patrol Mode to look at all the activity zones. There are more settings, here are some screenshots, but play around with it and find all the features available on this great camera.

Video Quality

I can write hours and pages full of how good the quality is of the TP-Link KC110 is. Even better, I will show you two different YouTube videos. One in daylight and one at night.

TP-Link KC110 0022


This camera does have some features worth talking about. There is, for example, a great cloud service to store your captured data. This is, for me, the best and most outstanding feature in the TP-Link KC110, besides maybe the great video quality? What else does this camera have to offer? Is the price worth it? So far it is for me.

Cloud Storage

One must-have feature on my security camera was the cloud storage option. If there is a break-in and they steal the camera while there is no cloud storage, you have no video. Luckily, the TP-Link KC110 has a great cloud storage package, which is fairly priced if you ask me.

FreeKasa Spot12-hours/256MBFree
FreeKasa Cam, Kasa Cam outdoor2-Days/1GBFree
PlusAll Kasa Cams14-Days/14GB$4.00/month or $40.00/year
PremiumAll Kasa Cams30-Days/30GB$7.00/month or $70.00/year

The best thing about this pricing model is you don’t have to pay. There are free options too. If you like a longer traceback time, you can get it for a small amount per month. I’m happy with this pricing model. One thing I don’t really like is that the pricing is per camera. I rather buy a package and add as many cameras as I want.

A bonus feature is that you get the premium 30-day package for free when the service is not yet available in your country (at least in the Netherlands). I currently am on a free 30-day plan without an end date, until they release the plans in the Netherlands).


You can receive notifications from the camera if it detects movement. This is very handy if you don’t have cats. This feature will notify you when you are not around when there is movement so you can have a quick look at what is going on. You can always receive notifications or just between certain times (work hours). Definitely a feature that comes in handy for some people.

Make your house more secure with the TP-Link KC110! Click Here to buy your extra pair of eyes!


On the Bell menu on the Kasa app, you can see the activity. When your camera detects movement, it will create an activity and monitor what is going on. When clicking on an activity event, you will see a short clip of what was happening. This feature gives you an overview of the day while you were not inside your house or building that the camera is guarding.

Activity Zones

When setting up a camera on the front door, you don’t want to set up a separate one for the hallway. Of course, you can move the TP-Link KC110 around and have a look in the hallway and move it back to the front door. Is this handy? No! You just have to keep moving around the camera and hope you will place it back in the right position again.

With the Activity Zones, you can pre-set certain camera positions that you will use often, like the front door and hallway points. Just one single click on the Activity Zone and the camera moves to the set point. When you want to switch back, click on the other activity zone and the camera rotates back. Easy!

TP-Link KC110 0013

Patrol Mode

Setting different Activity Zones is handy, but when you manually have to move around, it is still a lot of work. With the Patrol Mode, the camera automatically turns around between the points with a set interval. This way, you don’t have to do anything but you still keep an overview of all the set Activity Zones. Another super handy feature. Well done TP-Link!


This is a camera I’ve been looking for for some time now. With the TP-Link KC110, you can easily control and monitor everything that is happening inside your house. With the cloud storage option, you will never lose video data, even if the camera is stolen. The built quality is not superb, but it does feel solid. The price might be a bit high, compared to other cameras available, but the features are working really well.

Overall, I’m really happy with the TP-Link KC110. I’ve placed two inside my house now and looking into another one to have a complete overview. The features that you get and the really well-working software justify the price. I would not change my cameras now I know how good these work.

TP-Link KC110






Product Size/Design







  • Software works really well
  • Video quality is good, even at night
  • A lot of features that are really handy, like Patrol Mode
  • Built quality is good, even with the plastic feeling
  • Kasa eco system is amazing


  • Price might be too high
  • Plastic feeling

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