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BlitzWolf BW-UPC2 Review – Multi-Platform Supported USB-Stick!

Carry around a universal USB stick to back up pictures or other files straight from your smartphone. The BlitzWolf BW-UPC2 is a great, small and handy USB stick that supports Windows as well as Android. Always have a copy of your most valuable data and plug it into your computer or smartphone and have direct access to it. Is this USB stick worth it? Let’s have a look!

Introduction & Specifications

Having a USB disk with you is really handy. I often use mine to copy a file to the drive, share content with others without using the internet or to back up some photos I’ve taken. With this BlitzWolf BW-UPC2, you can use it on all different kinds of machines. It does not matter if you are using Windows, Mac or Android, all are supported! You can get it in different sizes (32GB, 64GB or 265GB). This will stay on my keychain forever!

Product Size:59.15*15.6*8.8mm
Product Weight:18g
Material:Zinc Alloy
USB Interface:USB3.0/Type-C
Working Voltage:5V Max
Working Current:200mA
Compatible System:Windows XP and higher, MacOS X 1.50 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher
Certifications:CE, FCC, RoHS


I’ve had more exciting times unboxing products. The BlitzWolf BW-UPC2 comes in a see-through plastic case with the specifications on the back. There is nothing more in the case than the USB stick, which is fine. People don’t need a manual on how to use a USB stick.

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Hardware & Design

A USB stick is a USB stick. The BlitzWolf BW-UPC2 has 2 ends, one USB3.0 and a USB-C end which makes it multi compatible. You can stick it in your phone, a MacBook Pro or a Windows machine with an old school USB port. The USB stick is designed so that you can easily switch between the USB connector or the USB-C connector. All goes smooth and without any issue so far.

Due to the lightweight, just 18 grams, you are barely feeling it in your pocket when carrying it around. If you take it with you in your backpack, you won’t feel a thing. A great device to carry around. The materials used, zinc alloy, scratch easily. Since they are in my pocket, I’ve had several marks on it now due to my keys which are in the same pocket. Personally, I don’t mind it, but for some, it might be something to consider.


This might be the biggest benefit of all. You can use the BlitzWolf BW-UPC2 on a variety of different operating systems. It doesn’t matter if you are on Mac, Windows, Linux or Android, you are able to use this USB stick and store your data on there. Storing a document from your Android smartphone to the BlitzWolf BW-UPC2 and plug it into your Windows computer and continue editing the document. I love this!

Actual Storage

Having a 32GB stick, I want to use as much as possible of the storage. With the BlitzWolf BW-UPC2, you get 31.13GB of available storage of the 32GB stick. Looking at the available storage, I’m really happy. I’ve seen sticks where you were missing two or three gigabytes, which is outrageous. This is a USB stick with lots of available space, but how fast is it?

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Speed Tests

You want to write your data and you want to write it quickly. How fast is the BlitzWolf BW-UPC2? You can use it in different ports, USB2.0, USB3.0, and USB-C. I’ve done a speed test on all three ports and here are the results:

Speed Test on USB2.0

On a USB2.0, which almost all Windows computer has, I get 31.37MB/s read speed and 29.22MB/s write speed. This is acceptable, but not super fast.

USB Speed Test - USB2.0

Speed Test on USB3.0

USB3.0 is the newer, faster standard. While doing the test, you clearly see the results. Reading gets me 86.43MB/s and writing gives me 66.66MB/s! A big difference compared to the older USB2.0. This is a score that I expect from a USB3.0 port.

USB Speed Test - USB3.0

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Speed Test on USB-C

On the USB-C, I expected to get the same or a higher score than the USB3.0. Read speed is almost the same, 85,324MB/s. Write speed is a little slower than USB3.0 but still acceptable. Write speed score is 41,564MB/s.

USB Speed Test - USB-C


The BlitzWolf BW-UPC2 is a great product. The design is good, you can easily switch between the USB3.0 and USB-C option. Unfortunately, the materials scratch easily, but personally I don’t have a problem with that. If you keep it away from keys or other products, you should be fine.

Almost 100% of the 32GB is available, which is a great thing if you ask me. There is wide support for this USB stick. It doesn’t matter if you are on Windows, Mac, Linux or Android, all are supported and working. This makes it a very handy back up tool for most people.

The price is good, affordable and the quality is what we expect from BlitzWolf. Overall, I’m really satisfied with this product.

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BlitzWolf BW-UPC2




Product Size/Design









  • Price is affordable
  • Wide support (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android)
  • Fast transfer speeds
  • High quality like we see more from BlitzWolf


  • Scratch easily