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Ring Video Doorbell Review – Knock, Knock.. Who’s There?

Post offices just drop off a package in front of your door when you are not there, people will peek through your windows before they break-in, or unwanted guests in the evening. With the Ring Video Doorbell, you can easily see who is or was in front of your door or someone who walked by. This is a must-have for the elders or people who live in an area where there is a lot of crime. This version is out for a long time now, but I wanted to share a review with you since it can really help people.

Introduction & Specifications

I bought this Ring Video Doorbell second-hand to install it at my parents. Being able to see who is at the door in the evening gives me a safer feeling for them. Now, without opening the door, they can see if it is safe to open without being robbed. With the 720p HD camera that supports night vision, this is a great starter video doorbell. The field of view is good too. The specifications are good, but if you want better, you have to upgrade to a more expensive Ring Video Doorbell. For now, this should be fine for them.

Model:Video Doorbell
Video Quality:720p HD, Night vision
Motion Detection:Adjustable
Field of View:180 Degrees
Audio:Two-way audio with noise cancellation
Power:Hardwired Battery (8-24 VAC)
Internet Requirements:Minimum: 500kbps, Optimal: 1MB/s+
Connectivity:802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @2.4GHz
Operating Conditions:5°F to 120°F (-20.5°C to 48.5°C), Weather Resistant
Size:4.98 in. x 2.43 in. x .87 in. (12.65cm x 6.17cm x 2.21cm)


The Ring Video Doorbell comes in a very recognizable box. Straight away you can see the Ring Video Doorbell and the branding is clearly visible too. The features are on the front, and if you open the flip cover, you see the other content of the box and how to install it. There is a lot of information, also on the back, which makes it a little busy for me personally. I rather have a more calm box, but that is a personal opinion.

Inside we find the camera, the backplate, and tools to install the Ring Video Doorbell. All is in there to start and hook up your Ring Video Doorbell straight away!

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Hardware & Design

The Ring Video Doorbell is a good looking doorbell, but it is significantly bigger than the “standard” doorbells. Personally, I don’t think that is a problem as there should be enough space to place the Ring Video Doorbell. The ring is clearly visible, by day and night time, as well as the camera. It feels solid and premium when holding it, which it should for this price! All the required parts and screws are inside the box so no problem attaching it. The screws, screwdriver, and other materials are all of great quality.

With the backplate and the screws, you can attach it waterproof so rain will not destroy your Ring Video Doorbell.

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On the Ring Video Doorbell, we find a 720p HD camera. This gives you a clear image during the day and with the night vision, you can see who is there when it is night as well. With the free Ring application, you can easily answer the door without opening it or even being home. With the 720p camera, you can clearly see who is there. Here are two video’s, one of daytime and one of night time:

Photo, for now, video is in the making!
Ring Video Doorbell Night

How To Install On Your Door?

Inside the box, there is an installation guide in different languages. Of course, there is one in English, but you also have Spanish, French, and German. Here, you find how you can attach the Ring Video Doorbell the proper way so it will function as supposed to be. You can easily screw the backplate on your doorpost and click the Ring Video Doorbell in it after connecting the wires properly (see next point on how-to). After it is secured, you can download and set up the Ring software!

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Connect Your Old Doorbell

This is easy and works really well. When you take off your old doorbell, there are two wires sticking out of the doorpost. When you connect the cable, the cables make a connection which makes the bell ring. Now, you have to turn the cables around the screw and tighten the screw (this is also shown in the guide). Once that is done, the doorbell will also ring when the button is pressed. This way, you don’t have to buy a Ring Chime but you can use your old doorbell. Handy!


Surprisingly, the software is called Ring – Always Home, and that describes perfectly what the Ring Video Doorbell achieves. After downloading, you can either log in with your existing account or create one. One creating one, follow the given steps and provide the required information. Once that is done, you have to set up a device and register it to an address. Setting up the device is really easy. First, you have to press the orange button at the back and then scan the barcode on the back of the Ring Video Doorbell with the Ring App. Give it a name, connect to your WiFi network and you are done! Easy peasy!

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If you are on an Android device, CLICK HERE to download the Ring application.
If you are on an Apple device, CLICK HERE to download the Ring application.

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The main feature, of course, is being able to see who walks by or who is in front of the door. You get a notification on your smartphone and can start a two-way audio call right there and then. What else does this smart doorbell have to offer?


When someone is walking by or pressing the Ring Video Doorbell, you will get a notification on your phone. One read: “There is movement outside your house” and you can go directly to the live feed of the Ring Video Doorbell. The other one reads: “There is someone at your front door”, and also from here you can go directly to the live feed and see who is there. You can pick the notification sound yourself so it is easy for you to recognize.


When you are having a paid subscription, you can review your recordings and have a look at them again. Without the paid subscription, you are only able to see live feed or when there is a notification. When you want to look back, there is a timeline where you can scroll through and see the activities throughout the day and review them. Super handy if you missed a notification due to a meeting or any other reason. Quickly review it and call the person back to see why they came by.

Ring Video Doorbell 0017

Motion Schedules

You can set schedules to send out motion notifications. For example, if you are home on Wednesday, you can turn the motion notifications off for that day. This will save battery and stop unwanted alerts on your smartphone. This can also be handy when you only want notification from 6 PM until 6 AM for example. The night is covered, by when it is daytime, no motion notification will be sent out.


When you organize a party, you don’t want a notification for every guest. You can turn off the motion notification for 30 minutes up to 4 hours. This way, the guests can come in and out, go out for a smoke, or leave without you getting a notification. Saves battery life of the Ring Video Doorbell and your smartphone. Win-win!

Other In-App Features

Within the app, you can also connect Ring Chimes, if you buy them. You can check the device health, which shows the battery life, WiFi connection and signal strength for example. From the Ring Video Doorbell settings, you can also run the motion wizard again or set the sensitivity of the motion notifications again. This can be handy if you set it up the wrong way in the beginning and getting too many or too little notifications. All of those features and the app it self work really well and I haven’t had a glitch a single time. Happy with that!

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Subscriptions & Prices

You can use the Ring Video Doorbell totally for free! Live feed is available and you can tune in when someone is at your door. But, what if you want to look back? Well, there are different plans that you can pick from. Below are the prices and features of each plan. It is also good to know that the basic plan is for one device only and the plus subscription covers all connected Ring devices on your address.

Available Plan:
€3 per month/€30 per year
€10 per month/€100 per year
2 Year Limited Warranty:
Motion Notifications:
Live Video Feed:
Two-way Audio:
Theft Protection:
30-Day Video History:
Save and Share Video's:
Snapshot Capture:
Extended Warranty For All Ring Device:
10% Discount on Ring.com:

Ring Video Doorbell Software 016


Even though the price might be a bit high, this is a great video doorbell to start with. Yes, there are other cheaper versions available in China, but I think they are not performing as good as the Ring Video Doorbell. You can use the main features for free, and if you want to look back with the captured videos, you can pay a small amount per month. Installing and configuring is easy and takes less than 15 minutes and after that, you are good to go! The quality of the camera is OK, could be better, but the Ring Video Doorbell 2 has a 1080p camera inside. Want better video, you have to buy the better version.

The size is also a bit big, but with another version of the Ring Video Doorbell, you can get a smaller one (with a higher price tag). Overall I’m really happy that I bought this for my parents and how simple it is to use. Great investment and would definitely recommend this to everybody.

Ring Video Doorbell










Product Size/Design



  • No subscription needed to use the Ring Video Doorbell
  • Build quality is premium/solid
  • Subscription price is very affordable
  • Video quality is ok for 720p
  • Software works really well


  • Have to charge it by default
  • Price might be too high

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