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Zeblaze Hybrid Review – Sweet Hybrid Smartwatch!

A hybrid smartwatch! Looking casual but having all the features of a smartwatch. Let me introduce the very affordable Zeblaze Hybrid! This smartwatch has a lot to offer and has an amazing price tag attached. The looks are great, but how well does it work? Can this be an affordable smartwatch that pleases lots of people? Let’s have a look!

Introduction & Specifications

Looking like a casual watch, but having all the features of a smartwatch. That’s what I like! We just reviewed the Withings Steel HR, which is way more expensive, and I like the idea and working of a hybrid smartwatch. When I saw the Zeblaze Hybrid with the specifications, as seen below, I was sold! I need this smartwatch and review it! This is what I’m looking for and I can imagine a lot of others are too. With 5ATM (50m) waterproof and all the other sensors like heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, steps, and activities, this is a great watch to have! Here are all the specifications below:

Color:Black, Blue
Chip:Nordic 51802
Bluetooth Version:4.0
Compatible OS:Android 4.4+, iOS8+
Water Resistant:5 ATM / 50 m / 164 ft water and dust resistance rating
Sensor:Heart-reate sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer
Heart-reate Sensor:GREEN CELL Heart Rate Algorithm
Screen Size:0.49 inch
Battery Capacity:95mAh
Smart Mode Standby Time:Up to 7 days
Watch Mode Standby Time:Up to 3 years
Charging Time:About 2 hours
Product Size:45 x 45 x 15.7mm
Product Weight:58g
Package Content:1 x HYBRID Smartwatch, 1 x Strap, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x User Manual


Receiving the box, I’m impressed by it. It looks really cool and the picture on the front is amazing. You see the brand name, a picture of the Zeblaze Hybrid, and the model name below. On the side, we find pictures of the sides of the Zeblaze Hybrid and the brand name. The back has minor specifications on it. Besides that, it is a simple and clear box. I like it!

Inside, the first thing we see is the guide. Here you find how to set it up, what app you need, and how to start it. The next thing we see is the charger and the great looking Zeblaze Hybrid. On the side of the box, there is a smaller box with the charger cable and the watch strap bands in it.

Zeblaze Hybrid 0014

Hardware & Design

Looking at just the watch, I’m impressed with the beauty of it. I like the size of the watch and the design of the watch face. The red stands out and this makes it an appealing smartwatch. For some people, it might be a bit too big and it is kind of thick as well. The watch band is made of silicone which is great for sporters. You don’t have to change it all the time and you can keep it on while taking a shower or whatever involves water.

It does feel a bit cheap as the materials used are probably not the best. We can not expect the same quality watch as the Withings Steel HR seen the price difference. It feels a bit cheap and lightweight, which for some might be a good thing. You have to turn the watch hands with the “button” on the side of the Zeblaze Hybrid as if it is a classic watch.

How To Operate?

Operating the Zeblaze Hybrid is innovative and it works pretty well, once you played around with it. On the left side of the notification screen, you can navigate through the menus. Once you have the menu you want, you can click the right side of the notification screen to go within the menu. So, with the left side, we navigate to the sports menu, with the right side you start the activity and you can move around the different menus of the activity, like heart rate or distance. A simple and innovative way of controlling.

Zeblaze Hybrid Touch control

How To Change The Time?

Changing the time can be done in 2 ways. The first one is to connect it with your smartphone. The small display at the bottom will show the time of your smartphone. When you change the time on your phone, the time will change on your watch. The other time is the analog time. This can be changed when you pull the crown out and just turn it around until it is at the right time! The same way as the old school watches! Easy, foolproof, and you can always do it.

Zeblaze Hybrid 0015

Battery Life

The battery life is not the strongest point of the Zeblaze Hybrid. For a smartwatch it is acceptable, but for a hybrid watch, I feel like it is kind of low. With up to 7 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, it is too short. Charging goes quickly and within 2 hours you are good to go with a 100% charged Zeblaze Hybrid, but for the next version, I like to see battery life of at least 14 days in smartwatch mode. You can get the maximum out of the 95 mAh battery by not automatically capture your heart rate and track only 1 activity for example. Personally, I hope this approved in the future.

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The Comfit app is basic and feels a bit underdeveloped. You can see everything you want, activate what you need, but it is not the most beautiful app there is. On the home screen, you can see the steps you took that day and the sleep you had last night. The second tab, Sports, is to select and start your activity. On the Measure tab, you can start all the possible measurements and see them clearly. This tab gives you an instant overview of your health. The last tab, Mine, is your profile tab. Here you can change settings of the Zeblaze Hybrid, change your step goal and give feedback for example. The application works but it is too simple if you ask me.

If you are on Android, CLICK HERE to download the Comfit application.
If you are on iOS, CLICK HERE to download the Comfit application.

How To Connect?

connecting the Zeblaze Hybrid to the Comfit app is easy and fast. Once you’ve set up your account, you go to the “Mine” page and click on Comfit Device. On top, you have the option to add a device and it will start searching for a Comfit device right away. When the Zeblaze Hybrid is turned on, it will almost instantly find it. Just click on the name, HYBRID, and you are connected! Super easy and within 15 seconds you are good to go!

Zeblaze Hybrid Software 004


With the smart display inside the Zeblaze Hybrid, you can see and read your notifications. You can pick the most common apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and other popular messaging applications. All will be shown clearly, but slowly. You can read the complete incoming message


Showing the time and recording your steps and sleep is not enough. A smartwatch today has to offer more. What does the Zeblaze Hybrid bring to the table? Are there features to make it stand out? It can record blood pressure, which is not supported on most watches. Let’s see what other features the Zeblaze Hybrid offer.

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Tracking your activities is kind of limited with the Zeblaze Hybrid. You can track walking, treadmill, running, and riding (bicycle). This covers most used activities, but I rather have a more extended list, like the Withings Steel HR offers.

Sleep Tracking

The Zeblaze Hybrid tracked my sleep very well. It has the exact same reading as the Withings Sleep, which is a sleeping mat under my mattress. On the Comfit app, you can see a deep sleep, light sleep and awake time. There are some times where it thinks I’m awake, while I was asleep. Besides that, I’m impressed by the accuracy of the duration of the night. Here is how the night sleep is shown:

Zeblaze Hybrid Software 008

Heart Rate Sensor

The Zeblaze Hybrid can track your heart rate with a small interval of 10 minutes. You can change this to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 minutes intervals. The heart rate is shown clearly in the Comfit application. You can see the time and date that it is was recorded and see a nice overview of your heart rate throughout the day. Here is how the heart rate is shown:

Zeblaze Hybrid Software 0010

You can start a measurement from the Comfit application or from the watch by navigating to the heart rate sensor and it will start measuring automatically. Measuring your heart rate takes around 30 to 60 seconds, depending on how tight your watch is on your wrist.


With a rating of 5ATM (50m), you don’t have to worry about water! Shower with the Zeblaze Hybrid, swim or do the dishes. The Zeblaze is covered and it will work fine after a hard workout. I’ve used the Zeblaze Hybrid during a shower, during the dishes, and during some heavy rain. Just make it dry and make sure to clean it with normal water after swimming within saltwater. Besides that, the Zeblaze Hybrid passed the waterproof test!

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Within the Comfit app, you can start a “Sleep inspection”, which will track your heart rate, blood pressure, and SpO2. You can also track them individually, which the sleep inspection will track them all. How accurate? I have no idea! I don’t believe that a smartwatch of less than $40 will give you an accurate reading of your blood pressure or SpO2 just by the watch itself.


The Zeblaze Hybrid looks amazing! I love the design, the slightly bigger watch compared to the Withings Steel HR and just the though look of the watch. The silicone band feels comfortable and it does not irritate my skin at all. You can view the notification (the first one), even though it might slow it slowly.

The battery life is too short. Fully charged, which takes around 1,5 hours, you are able to last around 4 to 6 days. It is OK, but for a hybrid watch, this must be better. The amount of activities to track is also not enough. You have the basics, but we are missing some basics too, like indoor walking or indoor bicycle for example.

Zeblaze Hybrid


Product Size/Design








Battery Life



  • Price is good/low
  • Materials/Design look good/premium!
  • Sleep tracking works well


  • Limited amount of activities to track
  • Battery life is not enough
  • No continues hart rate option