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BlitzWolf BW-HP0 Review – Sound Quality Is Surprisingly Good

Is the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 an alternative for the Bose or Sony headphones? Pricewise this is a way better option, but how good is the quality of the sound? Are the features the same? BlitzWolf is known to me as a company who makes very good quality products. Let’s have a look at the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 headphones!

Introduction & Specifications

Man, it is great to have a good pair of wireless headphones. Currently, I’m using the Bose QC35, but I wanted to test the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 badly. The price is amazing, but can they also produce a decent sound quality? Looking at the specifications, I’m curious about the battery life and the performance when listening to the music of course. Knowing BlitzWolf for some time now, I’m confident that this product is working well, especially seen the price of this pair of wireless headphones. They will now release a product that is not outstanding. Let’s find out more about the BlitzWolf BW-HP0.

Wearing Type:Over-ear
Bluetooth Version:V4.1 Actions chip ATS3003
Bluetooth Profile:HSP, HFP, AVRCP, A2DP
Transmission Distance:10m
Rater Power:20mW
Receive Sensitivity:117dB
Working Frequency:2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Battery Capacity:400mAh, 3.7V
Charging Time:2.5 hours
Call Time:20 hours (100% volume)
Music Time:18 hours (100% volume)
Standby Time:200 hours
Net Weight:240g
Dimensions:191 x 172 x 80mm
Package Content:1x Blitzwolf® BW-HP0 Wireless bluetooth Headphone, 1x USB Charging Cable, 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable, 1x Manual


The simple packaging that BlitzWolf uses for all its products also applies to the BlitzWolf BW-HP0. the box is white with the green edges. On the front, we find the name of the product, and on the back, we find minor specifications. The sides and bottom are empty.

Inside the box, we find the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 (of course), a 3.5mm jack cable, a micro USB charger, and a guide with all the features and controls in it.

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Hardware & Design

BlitzWolf made a very affordable pair of wireless headphones. The BlitzWolf BW-HP0 is made of plastic, and you feel that. It has a cheap-feeling over it, but that is fine because it is cheap! The ear cushions feel comfortable and that makes it possible to wear this pair of wireless headphones for hours without it becoming painful or anything.

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The buttons of the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 are easily clickable and they feel solid when clicking too. The hinges to make it foldable are snappy and they feel good. Even though all the materials are plastic, I do not have the feeling that this will break down soon. Maybe the hinges will become a little looser. The headband is firm, that makes it a bit less comfortable, but it is not annoying. I rather have a more soft headband that feels soft and comfy on my (almost bald) head.

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Foldable Design

Yes, over-ear headphones are always bigger than wireless earbuds, like the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7, but with the foldable design of the BlitzWolf BW-HP0, you can easily put it in your bag and have it take less space. On more expensive brands, like Bose or Sony, you get a protective case, but that is not the case with the BlitzWolf BW-HP0. That is totally fine seen the price (less than €40)! I’m happy with the foldable design and that makes it easier to carry around. The hinges feel solid, even though they are made of plastic. They click solid in place and stay there without random and unwanted clicks.

3.5mm Jack

The Bose QC35, my primary pair of headphones, still have the 3.5mm jack. This is very handy when you forgot to charge your headphones. The BlitzWolf BW-HP0 has that same port. With this port, you can connect it straight to your phone or laptop, if they have the same port, and still listen to music without Bluetooth. Handy, but not required. Since the over-ear headphones are big, it is very easy to make space for this jack and include it in there. Good thing that BlitzWolf did that with the BlitzWolf BW-HP0.

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The quality of BlitzWolf products is great! We recently reviewed several products, like the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7, BlitzWolf BW-WA1, or the BlitzWolf BW-SHC1, and the quality and performance were outstanding. Can BlitzWolf surprise us again with a great and very affordable pair of wireless headphones? The specifications are good, but what are the functions and features of the BlitzWolf BW-HP0?

Power On/Off

Besides the volume buttons, there is the “home” button in the middle. This is also the power button. Press and hold this button for 5 seconds to turn the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 on or off. When turning it on/off, you will receive spoken feedback from the BlitzWolf BW-HP0. Super easy and straight forward again.

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How To Connect?

Connecting the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 is fairly easy and straight forward. Like many other headphones, you have to turn them on, as described above, and go to your Bluetooth settings on your smartphone. In there, you have to look for “BW-HP0”. Click on it while the headphones are in pairing mode, and you are set! The connection is made within a few seconds (5 to 10 seconds) and you can enjoy the quality of the BlitzWolf BW-HP0.

Music Handling

The middle button is used to pause and play the music. This can be done by pressing the middle button once.
A short press on the plus (+) button will increase the volume. Press that button longer to skip the current song and go to the next one.
A short press on the minus (-) button will decrease the volume. Press that button longer to go to the beginning of the song. Do it again at the beginning of the song, you will go to the previous song.

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Call Handling

If you get a call, you can press the middle button once to answer. When you want to hang up, press the middle button again.
Don’t want to answer the call? Press and hold the middle button to reject the call.
Maybe you want to mute the microphone? You have to long-press the minus (-) button. This can be handy if you want to quickly discuss something without the other person on the phone hearing it.
Double pressing the middle button will redial the last number. Without taking your phone out of your pocket, you are able to call the last person you spoke too.
Press and hold the middle button to activate voice dialing. Without touching your phone, you can speak the name of the person you want to call.


The music must be good, calling must go smoothly, and the battery must last long. What more does this pair of affordable wireless headphones have to offer? Well, there is multi-pairing, which we will talk about below.

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Battery Life

With wireless headphones, I expect it to last around 10 to 15 hours without charging. That is exactly what the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 reaches while testing. Fully charged, the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 lasts around 14 to 16 hours, depending on the volume settings. For me, that is just a perfect score. Let’s say we are traveling 2 hours per day for work, you can listen to it for a whole week without charging it in the meantime.

Speaking about charging, that takes around 2 hours to charge it from 0% to 100% with a normal charger. Again, a great score if you ask me. If, for whatever reason, it is empty during your workday, just plug it in at work and before your lunch, it is back at 100% again. BlitzWolf is really making some quality products and these headphones also last long on a single charge.

Multi Pair

I never actually used this mode, but it is really handy. For example, you can connect the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 to your computer and smartphone at the same time. When you are watching a YouTube video on your computer, you will hear the sound from that video. Now, if you pause the video and continue the video on your smartphone, you will hear it from your smartphone without having to connect it again in the meantime.

This allows you to seamlessly switch between your computer or smartphone. Really handy and great that it is available on this budget pair of wireless headphones.

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Sound Quality

If you are looking for good sound quality and headphones that offer physical noise cancellation? This is the pair of headphones for you! For this price, the quality of the sound is great. I can honestly not tell the difference between my Bose QuietComfort 35 and the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 in the beginning. Later on, while having active noise cancellation, I do hear some minor differences.

The price, at just $50, is very affordable. For that, you get a great pair of headphones which give you great bass, great lower and higher tones. It does not matter to what genre you listen, the Blitzwolf BW-HP0 will play it with surprisingly good quality.

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Call Quality

Calling is totally fine with the BlitzWolf BW-HP0. However, when you are in a windy place or there is a lot of background noise (think of a festival or conference hall) it can become a bit harder to have a good conversation. Besides that, if you are walking outside, sitting behind your desk or wherever you are, the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 is very capable of having a conversation.


This is a very affordable pair of wireless headphones. The BlitzWolf BW-HP0 works really well for this price and the sound quality, even though it is not perfect, is good for this price range. It sounds good with different genres and I was really surprised by this. I expected it to be reasonable, but this is good. Calling with the BlitzWolf BW-HP0 is no problem at all and the other end is perfectly able to hear you.

I miss the protective casing that comes with wireless headphones that are more expensive, but we cannot expect too much for this price. For less then €40 you can get yourself a pair of the BlitzWolf BW-HP0. Great product, BlitzWolf is at the top of their game with affordable products that work great. I love it, however, I would love to see more premium materials in future models and the sound quality to improve even further.

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Music Quality/Functions


Call Quality/Functions


Battery Life





  • Price is good/low
  • Music quality is great for this price
  • Calling is not a problem at all
  • Battery life is good


  • The plastic materials give it a cheap feeling

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