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Tranya Rimor Review – Good Wireless Earbuds For A New Brand!

No wires, no plug, that is how we want to enjoy the music! We reviewed numerous wireless earbuds, and here we have another one! The Tranya Rimor! Can this pair of wireless earbuds surprise us? How will this model stand out from a market where every major company is competing in? Let’s have a look at the Tranya Rimor!

Introduction & Specifications

No more wires, which is great! We tested several wireless earbuds already, like the BlitzWolf BW-FYE7. Tranya is a new brand with the Rimor wireless earbuds. How good are they? Can they compete with the wide range of competition? The specifications look good, I’m curious!

Driver:10mm Dynamic Driver
Bluetooth Range:10m
Waterproof:IPX5 Rating
Connector:Type-C USB (Fast Charger)
Controlling:Touch Control
Noise Cancellation:Environmental Noise Cancellation (Not ANC)
Battery Capacity (Earbuds):50mAh each
Battery Capacity (Case):500mAh
Charging Time (Earbuds):1 hours
Charging Time (Case):2 hours
Battery Life (Earbuds):6-8 hours
Battery Life (Case):25 hours
Product Dimensions:1 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches
Weight:0.16 ounces
Package Content:1x Earbuds, 1x charging case, 1x Type-C cable, 3x ear tips (size S M L), 1x User Manual


On the front of the Tranya Rimor package, we find a picture of the charging case, the earbuds and some of the features. On the back, we find more features and some information about the features. The side is showing the content of the package and that’s it! The colors are great and calm. The logo is clearly visible and it looks premium.

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Inside we find the charging case, the earbuds, 3 pairs of silicone eartips (size S M and L), a short USB-C cable, and a user manual. All you need to get you going straight away!

Hardware & Design

The Tranya Rimor earbuds are a great size. They are not too small or too big and they fit really well. You can change the eartips to make them fit even better, but for me, the default eartips are great. I like the looks and the “T” logo on the earbuds. They are designed to follow the natural curve of your ear and that makes them comfortable to wear and use. You can control it via touch, and the complete logo is the touchpad. It reacts really well and works every time. Great!

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Charging Case

The logo of Tranya is clearly visible on the front/top of the charging case. The case is small and feels really good. On the back is some information like the certifications and the e-mail for support. In the middle of the back, we find the USB-C charging port. It is nicely aligned in the middle. The hinge feels solid and opens and closes very smoothly. On the front, we find the battery indicator lights, which are clearly visible (when light up) and it is easy to understand how to read them. Great case!


There are plenty of wireless earbuds available, how can the Tranya Rimor make a difference? Are there features that make it stand out? We have the basic features, like auto turn on/off and call/music control, but the Tranya Rimor also supports AI Assistants! Let’s have a loot at the features and how they work.

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Power On/Off

This is, like other, one of the simplest actions you do with the Tranya Rimor. To turn them on, you have to take them out of the case. They will power on by themselves. Now, how do you turn them off? Right, place them in the charger case and that’s it! They will turn off automatically.

You can also touch and hold the side of the earbuds for +- 5 seconds. This will also trigger the earbuds to turn on/off.

How To Connect?

Connecting the two earbuds together is super easy. You just take them both out of the case to turn them on, and they make the connection with each other straight away. This might take up to 5 seconds. After that, you need to go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and look for “Rimor”. Click on it to make the connection, and that is it! You are good to go and connected to both earbuds.

Music Handling

With the Tranya Rimor earbuds, you can easily control your music. How? I’ll tell you!

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If you press once on the left or right side, you will pause or play the music.
When you press and hold for 2 seconds, you will go to the next track. Do this, press and hold for 2 seconds, on the left side, and you will go to the beginning of the song. When you already are at the beginning, you will go to the previous one.
If you like to increase the volume, you have to press the right earbuds 2 times. Want to lower it? Press the left earbud 2 times.

Call Handling

Controls for calling are easier. When you receive a phone call and press left or right once, you will answer the call. When you are in a call and you press one of the earbuds, you will end the call. Don’t feel like answering? Double press left or right for 2 seconds to reject it. Easy, right? Simple actions, but all you need. Although I would like to have an option to mute my call…

Voice Assistant

You can also get a voice assistant. You will get it by tapping left or right 3 times in a row. This function only works when you have it activated on your smartphone. If you have Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri set up, you are lucky! You can use the great functionality of those assistants with the Tranya Rimor!

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What are the requirements for a good pair of wireless earbuds? The price must be right, sound quality must be decent, battery life must be good and they must fit easily. I think the Tranya Rimor is able to tick most of the boxes, but let’s have a look at some of the features.

Battery Life / Charging Time

You don’t want to charge your earbuds every hour or even every 2 hours. With the Tranya Rimor, you don’t have to worry about that! It depends on the volume, but I was able to get between 5 to 7 hours out of the earbuds before I had to place them in the charging case again! That is a great score if you ask me.

Tranya Rimor 0020

Now, how often can you charge it with the case? The earbuds are fully charged in around 1 to 2 hours and the battery case can charge them around 5 to 8 times! This is an amazing score, to be honest! Charging the case and the earbuds in it maybe once a week or even less frequent and still have battery left to listen to music. Great job there Tranya!

On the charging case, as seen in the picture above, are LED lights. These lights indicate the level of the battery of the charging case. 1 LED stand for 0% – 25%, 2 LEDs stand for 26% – 50%, 3 LEDs stand for 51% – 75%, and 4 LEDs stand for 76% – 100% charge. Makes sense, right?

Sound Quality

By default, let’s be honest, I expected more. It is flat and I don’t really feel the music. The bass is not there and it is just not enough. However, if you install a Bass Booster (I use this one, CLICK HERE) the sound quality is drastically better. It is a completely different world when the bass booster is on and set to default.

Now, the Tranya Rimor has clear sound, it has dept and you can feel the music. This is such a difference that I only use the Tranya Rimor with the bass booster turned on. I actually enjoy listening to music with the Tranya Rimor!

Get wireless today with the new Tranya brand! CLICK HERE to go to the Tranya website!
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Call Quality

Calling is possible with the Tranya Rimor. You ear the conversation in both earbuds, what a relief! The quality is not that good, unfortunately. When you have a phone call, there is a lot of background noise or wind. Inside calling is better, but you sound a bit far away. It is possible to call, you just have to speak up a bit for the other person to hear you clearly.

How Do They Fit?

With the different eartips in the Tranya Rimor box, you are always able to make them fit. You can put on smaller or bigger earbuds, which should make it possible for everybody to wear them. Personally, the default (size M) earbuds are fine for me and they fit perfectly. Due to the design, they stay in your ear safely, even if you run or jump. Love the form factor of the Tranya Rimor.

Tranya Rimor 0027


Tranya Rimor, an unknown brand and product for me before I receive this review pair. Even though the quality of the sound and calling could be better, this is still a good product. Especially since the price is pretty low with my discount code!

The design is good, they fit well and with the extra eartips (size S M L), you can make them fit for every ear out there. Touch control works great and you can easily remember the different touches. The volume can go pretty loud, so watch out for hearing damage. With a 5 to 7-hour battery life, this pair of earbuds can last really long. Besides that, you can also charge the earbuds multiple times! The charging case is of great size and it feels solid.

The quality of the sound and calling needs to be improved in the second version, but with the Bass Booster, you can drastically increase the quality of the sound. Overall, I’m really happy with the Tranya Rimor.

Tranya Rimor


Music Quality/Functions


Product Size/Design


Battery Life







  • Sound quality is amazingly good
  • Size and design is great
  • Easy to control with touchpad
  • Materials feel good and solid
  • Battery life is amazing!


  • Price is a little high (but with discount code it is great!)