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Digoo DG-SP01 Review – Feature Packed Smart Socket!

Turning the lights on when you are not home. Turning my hot blanket on when on the bus to my house or turn any other appliance on, all from my smartphone. With smart sockets, you can control your house while you are not even there! I personally love the functionality with smart sockets, like the BlitzWolf BW-SHP6. Can the Digoo DG-SP01 surprise me and offer the same functionality or even more?

Introduction & Specifications

More smart sockets, can the Digoo DG-SP01 stand out? There are some interesting features on it that might surprise you. The specifications are good, especially seen the price of this smart socket. The size and weight of it might be a downside, but I promise you, this smart socket might be worthy to get.

Type:EU-plug (compatible with French plug)
Input:100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Max Load:10A
Maximum Power:2300W
Total USB Output:DC 5V, 2.1A Max
Working Temperature:-20℃ ~ 50℃
WiFi Frequency:2.4GHz (does not support 5GHz Wifi)
Material:V0 Fireproof Material
LED Color:RGB + White (2700-6000K
App Name:DigooLife / SmartLife
Package Content:1x Digoo DG-SP01, 1x User Manual


BlitzWolf is known for making simple and minimalistic packages. Digoo copied and succeeded pretty well! On the front, we see the logo and the model name of the smart socket, Digoo DG-SP01. On the side, we find a barcode for the website and the Facebook page. When we look at the back of the box, we see the specifications.

Inside is no plastic. We just find the Digoo DG-SP01, a manual, and a customer satisfaction card. That’s it! Minimalistic design, no waste of plastic, and the specifications, but not too much. The package gets a straight A! Great job Digoo.

Hardware & Design

The Digoo DG-SP01 is a good looking, but pretty big smart socket. It might cover another outlet once you plug it in, but that depends on the layout of your outlets. The materials feel kind of cheap (plastic), but since it is weighing around 170g, it has a nice heavy feeling on it. The plastic materials are fine, since you plug it in once and that is it. It is not a product that you touch and interacts with physically every day.

The USB ports on the bottom are great and well placed. The button on top is big enough to find it in the dark and easily clickable. Great thinking to make the button a bit bigger. When pressing the button, it will activate the socket and the LED light together.

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On the bottom, we also find the LED light. You can change it to different colors and set the brightness. This is a great function to use when you use this smart socket in the bedroom. This saved you an outlet where you would normally plug a nightlight into!


In order to use the Digoo DG-SP01 remotely, you need the DigooLife app. This app is very, if not identical, to the SmartLife or BlitzWolf application. This is totally fine, as it works well, but it looks very much alike. In this application, you can turn the light or the socket on, change the color of the light or set times for the light and the socket. Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Are you an Android user? CLICK HERE to download DigooLife.
Are you an iPhone user? CLICK HERE to download DigooLife.

How To Connect?

Connecting the Digoo DG-SP01 is simple, just like the BlitzWolf BW-SHP6. For this to work, your smartphone must be on a 2.4GHz network. Within the DigooLife app, you click on the “+” sign and pick Socket (Wifi). Stick the Digoo DG-SP01 in the wall outlet and press and hold the button for +-5 seconds. Now, you will see a small blue light flashing. Click “Confirm indicator rapidly blink”, confirm your WiFi details and let DigooLife to the rest! It will make the connection now and all you have to do afterward is coming up with a name for the socket. Easy peasy!


The app is basically the same as all the other smart home automation apps. SmartLife, BlitzWolf, Kasa, or Mi Home, you see the added devices and when you click on them, you see the possible controls. In the Digoo DG-SP01, you can control the LED Light and the socket itself, which is unique. I’ve not had a smart socket like that before.

Within the DigooLife app, you can turn the socket on, the LED Light on, change the color ar set up a schedule to turn on/off automatically. All works well and simple. The app looks a bit simple, but it works well and intuitively.


We have covered a fair share of smart sockets, what makes the Digoo SG-SP01 different? Are there features that make this smart socket stand out? I think so! We will cover some basic features, but also some you won’t see on many other smart sockets.

Amazon Alexa

One benefit of a smart socket is that you can control it with your AI Assistant. The Digoo DG-SP01 is controllable with your Amazon Alexa speakers. Unfortunately, it does not support Google Home, but maybe that will come later. A lot of people are using Amazon Alexa as their main assistant. Simple as Alexa to turn on or off the light or the socket and you don’t have to touch your smartphone at all.

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Here is a list of the available Amazon Alexa commands for the Digoo DG-SP01 socket:

  • Alexa, turn on the plug
  • Alexa, turn off the plug
  • Here is a list of the available Amazon Alexa commands for the Digoo DG-SP01 light:

  • Alexa, turn on the LED light
  • Alexa, turn off the LED light
  • LED Light

    The Digoo DG-SP01 functions as an LED light as well! This is super handy for kids or minors. This way, they have a smart socked, an LED light, and 2 USB ports to charge their smartphone or other gadgets! All from just one socket. Especially for kids, this can be handy as they sometimes like a little light on. With this LED light, you can switch between white or RGB colors and set the brightness of it. Really handy and fun options to play around with and see what is comfortable for you.

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    You can also turn off the LED light while the socket is still working or turn the socket off and keep the LED light turned on.


    A timer is super handy when you want some lights to turn on automatically at a specific time or maybe turn them off after you go to bed. With this timer function, you can turn off the socket after 01:00 AM for example. At this time, most people are in bed and the light can be turned off automatically. You save energy and you don’t have to worry about the lights anymore.

    The same is possible with the LED light on the Digoo DG-SP01. You might want to wake up with the LED light turned on so you can sleepwalk out of your bedroom without bumping into your stuff. You can set up a timer to turn on the LED light at the time you normally wake up and add another timer to turn it off after 10:00 AM when you definitely left your house. Again, a feature I would definitely use myself.

    Dual USB Ports

    What makes this smart socket different from others that we tested, besides the LED light, is that there are two USB ports available for you to charge your electronics. Those ports do not support fast charge or quick charge but give you the normal 5V 2.1A output. If you leave your phone there at night, this should be perfectly fine. I really like the extra USB ports and this saves me a USB charger to stick in the Digoo DG-SP01!

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    Having a smart socket can make your life so much easier. I started using them around 2 years ago now and I can not imagine not having them anymore. Controlling my lights, my bed, and other stuff is just too handy now. I can ask Google or Alexa to turn things on or off and do it remotely. The Digoo DG-SP01 can do all that, for a fair price. You can ask Alexa to turn it on or off and even turn on a LED light, which is built into the smart socket. The application works well, but I recommend using SmartLife since there are more products supported on that platform. You can easily add and control it.

    The USB ports on the bottom are just great. No need for an extra USB charger for your smartphone, just plug it directly into the plug and charger two devices at the same time. You can even charge it while the smart socket is turned off, the USB ports work all the time. I love the smart socket and the design, but I like it to be a bit smaller. Now, it might block another port that you may need.

    Looking for a smart socket? The Digoo DG-SP01 is definitely an option for you.

    Digoo DG-SP01








    Product Size/Design





    • Software works good!
    • Price is good/low
    • 2 USB ports available
    • LED Light is available and can be turned on/off seperately
    • Amazon Alexa support


    • Design is a bit bulky
    • Materials feel cheap