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BlitzWolf BW-AT1 Review – Rugged, Tough, And G-Shock Like!

A tough, rugged, and decent looking smartwatch! This smartwatch makes me think of the very popular G-Shock watches. However, this is the BlitzWolf BW-AT1! A smartwatch from a company I know very well. I’ve had several BlitzWolf products, and this is definitely a great product (again!).

Introduction & Specifications

BlitzWolf recently released three smartwatches. The BlitzWolf BW-HL1 was not a success, but this is another series, the BlitzWolf BW-AT1! We will soon release the BlitzWolf BW-HL2, but this is a different series. Can this rugged smartwatch surprise us more than the BlitzWolf BW-HL1? I’m a huge fan of the BlitzWolf brand, so let’s see if I can use more BlitzWolf devices, besides the BlitzWolf BW-LT27 and the BlitzWolf BW-LT21! The specifications are good, it is waterproof, it supports the features I look for and has a long battery life. Let’s find out more!

Color:Black, Gray, Red
Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth 4.0
Compatible OS:Android 4.4+, iOS 8.0+
Operating Mode:Touch screen + press button
Application:Da Fit
Waterproof:IP68 Waterproof
Battery Capacity:280 mAh
Standby Time:About 20 days
Using Time:About 7 days
Charging Time:Abour 2.5 hours
Charging Type:Magnetic charging
Size:1.3 inch
Resolution:240x240 pixels
Sensor:G-Sensor, Heart Rate Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, Blood Pressure
Sports:Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Swimming
Band Size:75 + 120mm * 22mm (support universal 22mm strap)
Product Size:46.8 x 60 x 12.6 mm
Product Weight:50 g
Package Content:1x Smart Bracelet, 1x Charging Cable, 1x User Manual


The design is the same as a lot of other BlitzWolf products and I like it! No waste of materials, recognizable, and it is clear what model it is. On the front, we find the model name. On the back of the box, we find minor specifications. Inside, we see the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 straight away. Underneath the smartwatch, we find the charger cable, a manual, and a customer satisfaction card. Besides that, there is nothing else there!

Hardware & Design

Before the smartwatches were popular, I really loved G-Shock watches. The rugged and tough look those watches had, amazing. Now, the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 is a smartwatch and it has kind of the same look to it. It is rugged, it looks like it can handle the toughest situations and I like that! The band itself looks good, feels good, and does not irritate my skin. The watch itself has a touch screen/information screen in the middle. I hoped it would cover the complete watch, but unfortunately, that is not the case. The button on the side feels good, and clicks easily, but only when you want to. I never had a ghost click from the button.

The heart rate sensor on the back is well-positioned and works well. Within a minute, you have your heart rate measured. We also find the charger pins on the back, those are magnetic so it stays waterproof. For the bands, we see the regular watch band pins and the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 is actually compatible with other 22mm bands as well. Great work, BlitzWolf!

How To Operate?

The BlitzWolf BW-AT1 has a touch screen that is used to control the smartwatch. There is also a button on the side. When you press this button, you will straight go back to the home screen with the watch face you select. You just swipe and click like you are using it as your smartphone. Super simple and I like the way it works. Some other, cheaper, smartwatches have really bad touch screens, but on the BlitzWolf BW-AT1, it actually works well.

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Become smart with the BlitzWolf BW-AT1! The rugged, tough smartwatch from BlitzWolf. CLICK HERE to get yours!

Battery Life

When the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 is fully charged, you can use it for 5 to 7 days, depending on the number of activities you track. I normally get around 5 days out of the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 and I start around 4 to 5 activities that week. When it is completely empty, you have to charge it with the magnetic charger cable and this takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours, which is not bad if you ask me.


In order to use the BlitzWolf BW-AT1, you need the DA Fit app. This looks like a general app that you potentially can connect different brands to, but in this case, we use it to connect our BlitzWolf BW-AT1. Downloading the app goes through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, so you know it is a safe app.

The app is pretty basic, but it gives you a clear overview of your health and activity. There are only three menus, Today, Device, and Profile. On the first tab, Today, you will see the stats of today. Here you find the taken steps, the slept hours and the heart rate measurements you did. On the Device tab, you can set an alarm, change the watch faces, or upgrade the BlitzWolf BW-HL1. The last tab, Profile, you can set your daily step goal, change your profile settings and read more about the software and possibly upgrade to be a beta tester. Here are some screenshots of the DA Fit app:

How To Connect?

Connecting to the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 is one of the easiest ways I’ve had so far with smartwatches. When you installed and set up the Da Fit app, you have the + sign on top of the home page. All you have to do it turn on the BlitzWolf BW-AT1, click on the + sign so Da Fit is going to search for a smartwatch and it will find it instantly. Click on the BW-AT1 and that’s it! The connection is made already. Super simple and fast.

Watch Faces

On the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 you, unfortunately, don’t have an unlimited amount of watch faces available, like the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. There are three pre-installed watch faces available and within the Da Fit application, you can easily switch between them. I like the three options they provide, they all give you the information you want and need to see when you look at the home screen of your watch. They are all very different and that makes it fun to play around with. I’m sure you like one of the three options available. Here are the available watch faces:

BlitzWolf BW-AT1 Software 007


You can pick a lot of different popular applications to give notifications on your BlitzWolf BW-AT1. For example, WhatsApp, SMS text messages, incoming calls, and WeChat are supported. If your favorite application, like Snapchat, is not on the list? No problem! There is the option for “Other Applications”, which basically covers all the other incoming notifications.

BlitzWolf BW-AT1 Software 008

Become smart with the BlitzWolf BW-AT1! The rugged, tough smartwatch from BlitzWolf. CLICK HERE to get yours!

The notifications are clearly shown and easily readable. You can swipe from the top down to see the notifications and click on them to see the content. Missed one? No problem! Just go back to the notification you missed and read the content.


What is a smartwatch without great features? Nothing! We saw the BlitzWolf BW-HL1 fail a little as it was just not good enough. The BlitzWolf BW-AT1 is not only looking a lot better but also performing way better. What else does this rugged and tough-looking smartwatch have to offer? Let’s have a look at the features!


It does not matter if you are walking, swimming, or playing badminton. With the BlitzWolf BW-AT1, you can all track those activities, and even more! These are all the available activities to track: Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball, Football, and Swimming. For the price of this smartwatch, that is actually a great list of activities.

If you select it for a walk, here is how it will show when you end the walk:

BlitzWolf BW-AT1 Software 0012

Become smart with the BlitzWolf BW-AT1! The rugged, tough smartwatch from BlitzWolf. CLICK HERE to get yours!

Sleep Tracking

Tracking my sleep is an important function that I want in a smartwatch. Luckily, it is available on the BlitzWolf BW-AT1. I would like to know if I had a lot of deep sleep or light sleep. With the Da Fit app, you can easily see what means what in the Sleep Tracking field. Super easy and all you have to do is wear the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 at night.

Heart Rate Sensor

While working out, it is important to monitor your heart rate. You don’t want it to be too low or too high. With the BlitzWolf BW-AT1, you can track your heart rate during activities, but also when you are just sitting, walking, or only from the watch when you want to. In the application, it gives an indication of what is a healthy heart rate range (which is different for everybody, but it gives you an idea). After the measurement, which takes around 20 to 30 seconds, you see the heart rate on your watch, but also in the Da Fit application, which is almost in perfect sync. Really handy to measure your heart rate and improve your work out sessions and become better at what you want to achieve.

BlitzWolf BW-AT1 Software 0013


With Swimming as a supported activity, it is no surprise that the BlitzWolf BW-AT1 is waterproof. It has an IP rating of IP68, which means it is completely waterproof. Take it for a swim, keep it on while taking a shower, or splash it while doing the dishes. No problems at all for the BlitzWolf BW-AT1. Another great feature of this rugged, tough, and well-performing smartwatch.

Become smart with the BlitzWolf BW-AT1! The rugged, tough smartwatch from BlitzWolf. CLICK HERE to get yours!


Those features are not all, this smartwatch has more to offer. The BlitzWolf BW-AT1 is also capable of measuring your blood oxygen and blood pressure. With this watch, you basically can measure all your vitals and make sure you are healthy. Please keep in mind that this is not medically graded equipment, so this gives more of an indication then a waterproof reading. With that in mind, it is impressive that a watch of this price can measure and track that many things.


BlitzWolf, what a great company. They make quality products, just like the BlitzWolf BW-AT1. You may or may not like the design, but this tough, rugged smartwatch works well. You can track a variety of different activities, measure your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. For this price, and being the second released smartwatch, this is not bad at all. The notifications works, you can last a week with the battery and charging takes only 2 to 2.5 hours. What a difference if we compare this to the BlitzWolf BW-HL1.

This smartwatch, the BlitzWolf BW-AT1, is still basic, but it is such an improvement from the first released smartwatch. It feels way better, the functions/menu’s are better and it just looks better too. Overall, I’m really happy with this smartwatch and I’m looking forward to the BlitzWolf BW-HL2, which we will review next week. Maybe, just maybe, BlitzWolf can impress us even more by making this smartwatch look like an amateur again.

BlitzWolf BW-AT1






Product Size/Design


Battery Life





  • Price is good/low
  • Battery life is good on a single charge
  • A lot of sports available
  • Can track a lot of health statistics
  • Looks tough and rugged


  • Different apps needed for other models
  • Not a full screen display