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Doogee S95 Pro Review – A Tough, Modular, and Affordable Smartphone!

A rugged, modular, and affordable smartphone! Who does not want this? The Doogee S95 Pro is an IP68 rated modular smartphone, with a battery of over 5000 mAh. That is insane! It comes with the Helio P90 processor in it, so the speed is not an issue. What else does this smartphone have to offer? Can it compete with the high-end brands?

Introduction & Specifications

This is an all-in-one smartphone. It doesn’t matter if you are going hiking in the rain, keep it in your pocket while swimming, or forget to charge it overnight. The Doogee S95 is able to survive it all and keep you up and running. If the 5000+ battery is not enough, you can even place a modular battery on the back of the Doogee S95 and extend the battery life even further! Here are some of the specifications of the Doogee S95:

Model:S95 Pro
RAM Memory:6GB
ROM Memory:128GB
SD Card Support:Up to 128GB
Display Size:6.3"
Display Size:IPS
Resolution:1080x2160 FHD (384 PPI)
Battery:5150 mAh
Quick Charge:Yes, 12V/2A
Wireless Charge: Yes, 10W
Charge Connector:USB Type-C 2.0
Connector Type:USB Type-C
Camera (Rear):Triple Camera (48MP + 8MP + 8MP)
Camera (Front):16MP
Other Features:NFC, Face Unlock, Fingerprint Scanner, IP68, Quick Charge
Product Size:168 x 79,3 x 13,8 mm
Product Weight:285g
Package Content:1x Doogee S95, 1x Type-C cable, 1x EU-Charger, 1x SIM needle, 1x Modular Battery Pack, 1x Modular Speaker, 1x Manual, 1x Warranty card


The Doogee S95 Pro comes in a massive box. Actually, it is a box inside a box. The first box we open, we find another box inside. When taking that one out, we first see the two modules, the Speaker and Powerbank. They are well packaged and they look good and strong. Inside the other box, which looks almost identical, we find the smartphone, charger, cable and all the other items we expect in a smartphone box.

the packaging is done well and the materials look good, although I find the box a bit big, to be honest. Here are photos of the package and unboxing of the Doogee S95 Pro:

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Hardware & Design

Since the Doogee S95 is a rugged smartphone, it looks a bit tough as well. The edges are covered and the back of the Doogee S95 looks tough too. When you see this smartphone, you know it can handle things an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone can not handle. On the 6.3″ display, we see the notch again, which I like actually. The fingerprint scanner is located to the side of the phone, which makes it easier to press and the back is more even now. On the back, we also see the connector for the modular parts, like the speaker or extra battery. Honestly, I was never a fan of rugged smartphones as they are not the most pretty ones out there, but the Doogee S95 looks actually not that bad at all.

Fingerprint Sanner

No fingerprint scanner underneath the screen or a fingerprint scanner button below the display. With the Doogee S95 Pro, you can scan your fingerprint scanner on the side of your smartphone. Weird place? Yes. Is it comfortable? It actually is. I was skeptical at first, but using it for a few weeks now, it works well and it is easy to unlock. The fingerprint scanner on the Doogee S95 Pro unlocks fast, but it is not the fastest out there. Unlocking the Doogee S95 Pro takes around 0.5 to 0.75 seconds, which is still fast, but slower than other, more premium brands.

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6.3″ FHD display with 1280×2160 resolution! What a display. The smartphone itself is big and thick, but since there are no edges (besides the tough, rugged casing) and it is almost all screen, you get a lot of display. The colors are good, but compared to the iPhone XR they are a bit colder. The selfie camera is located on the top, with the waterdrop notch. Personally, I rather have a full-screen display like the Honor 9X, it makes it look a bit more premium. Having a waterdrop notch is not ugly and I don’t hate it, but that is all personal taste of course.

Doogee S95 Pro 0015

Another great benefit of the Doogee S95 Pro is the standard screen protector that is on the smartphone. No hassle with getting it on right and without bubbles, Doogee just delivers their smartphone with a pre-installed one AND another, back-up one in the box!

Normally, if you scroll down, you don’t have to do anything to reach the bottom of the page, right? It just flows down. With the Doogee S95 Pro, if you are holding the sides (where there is no display of course) you can’t scroll. It registers it as if you are touching the screen and it does not flow. You have to stay clear of the edges before you scroll down.

Battery Life

With a 5150 mAh battery inside, I expect the Doogee S95 Pro to last at least 1 day with normal/heavy usage. The Built-in Polymer battery of the Doogee is not replaceable but should last you at least a day. You can charge it with the USB-C charger port, which is protected with a waterproof lid. Charging goes quickly and you are able to charge it wirelessly up to 10W! That’s a great feature. No need to open the waterproof lid, just lay it on a wireless charger, and you are good to go.

Every single day that I used the Doogee S95 Pro, I made it to the end of the day. Depending on the usage, I had 15% to 50% of the battery left! If you are careful, you might be able to last 2 days, but you have to barely use your phone then. Maybe during hiking?


Packed with cameras! The Doogee S95 Pro has a triple camera on the back, with AI function! Also, there is a 16MP selfie camera to take the best selfies possible. How good are they? How good is the bokeh effect? Can you buy the Doogee S95 Pro is you are really into making photos? Let’s find out and check out some non-edited photos of the Doogee S95 Pro.

Rear Camera’s (48MP + 8MP + 8MP)

As the main camera, the Doogee S95 Pro uses the popular Sony IMX586, a 48-megapixel one, which is complemented by two other 8-megapixel sensors. Very capable of taking some decent shots. Curious? Here are some example photo’s taken on the Doogee S95 Pro (no editing is done!):

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Front Camera (16MP)

With a 16MP selfie camera, you should be able to take some good selfies to share in your WhatsApp groups, or create hilarious TikTok video’s, right? Let’s see some selfies taken by the Doogee S95 Pro (no editing is done!):


The Doogee S95 Pro comes with Android 9 installed on it. Doogee is using its own skin and launcher, which I did not find that handy to use so I switch and installed the Poco Launcher instead. We all have to see if Doogee will bring out updates on a regular basis or that, like many other brands, there will be no updates, or a security update every now and then. In the software Settings menu, I had to use the search field to find what I was looking for. The menu is not that handy to use and navigate between. Using the search field in there is finding what you are looking for super fast.

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The looks are good, the camera is OK, but how good is the performance? Can this though, modular, rugged smartphone keep up with the high-end smartphones? We used the Doogee S95 Pro for around two weeks and were happy with it. To show it in numbers, we ran several benchmark tests on the Doogee S95 Pro, here are the results:

PC Mark Benchmark

PC Mark is a well-known benchmark tester, and we scored not too bad with this test. We outscored the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and the Google Pixel 3XL for example!

Doogee S95 Pro Performance 001

3DMark Benchmark

During the 3DMark test, the videos were played a little laggy and not smooth at all. For gaming, this might not be the best smartphone. Actually, out of all the tested devices using this benchmark test, we are at place 409!

Doogee S95 Pro Performance 002

Geekbench 5 Benchmark

With the single-core benchmark test of Geekbench 5, we are just above the Samsung Galaxy S8. During the multi-core test, we are just below the Samsung Galaxy S8. Even though the processor, the Helio P90, is a great processor, the are faster options available on the market.


We’ve seen the performance, but what more does this smartphone have to offer? We know it is modular and we will discuss the two that are available. Besides the rugged and tough design, we’ll have a look at the other features and/or options this smartphone has to offer. I’m happy, surprised, and glad Doogee made this smartphone.

Never worry again if you drop your phone or spill water over it. Get the fast and rugged Doogee S95 Pro. CLICK HERE to get yours!

IP68 Rating – Water and Dust Proof

This is a must in a rugged smartphone. You need to be able to drop it on the floor and in water before it qualifies as a rugged smartphone. Luckily, Doogee made the Doogee S95 Pro water and dustproof. No worry if you drop it in a creek or you spill some water over it. Your smartphone can handle it all. All the ports are well secured and closed for water and dust. To test this, we placed the Doogee S95 Pro in a bucket of water for 30 minutes and, after drying for a couple of minutes, we started using it as nothing happened. Great to know your smartphone can handle it without being destroyed.

Besides that, we also tested the tough design on it. We dropped the smartphone from waist height a few times and, as expected, nothing happened to the smartphone! Due to the strong and tough corners, which stick out a bit, your screen is completely safe when it drops. I just fell in love with rugged smartphones.

Modular Blocks – Powerbank

Smartphones drain and they drain fast! Sometimes we are not even able to make it to the end of the day. I have that issue now with my Pocophone F1. I need to charge it around 14:00-15:00 so I can make it to the end of the day. With the Doogee S95, you have a 5150 mAh battery inside, which is massive! If that is not enough, you can extend it with a modular battery (3500 mAh), which you click on the back of the Doogee S95. This gives you a total battery of 8650 mAh! Insane, this should be enough to make it for at least 1 day. The only downside to the powerbank is, is that is not as rugged as the Doogee S95 Pro. Dropping it will cause damage to the battery pack.

Doogee S95 Pro Module 002

Modular Blocks – Speaker

The other modular part is a speaker. A lot of people enjoy listening to music and bring speakers or headphones with them. With the Doogee S95, you can just click it on the back of your smartphone and always have it available! Super handy and definitely a bonus point for this smartphone. With the speaker module, you can listen up to 10 hours to music! There are two downsides to the speaker module. The first is that the speaker will cover the camera. Secondly, it is not as rugged as the phone itself. Dropping it will likely cause damage.

Doogee S95 Pro Module 001

The performance of the speaker is a bit disappointing. I expected some decent sound to come from the speaker module, but instead, it is flat, no bass, and just not good enough. A real bummer, since this could have been a great addition, but now it is not that pleasant to listen to music using the speaker module.

Multi Functional Button

On the left side of the Doogee S95 Pro, we find a single button. This is the multifunctional button. You can custom configure this button via the settings under the “Side Key Function” menu option. Here you can select when happens when you click on it once, click on it twice, or long-press it. You can select one of your installed application or a system function, but that is kind of limited. These are the system functions:

  • No Operation
  • Start Soundrecording
  • Open Flashlight
  • Screenshot
  • Open SOS
  • Open Game Mode
  • I love this button! I set all three options to open one of my three most-used apps so I can quickly switch between the apps.

    Face Unlock

    Enrolling your Face in Face Unlock is super easy. Just hold your smartphone in front of your face on approximately 20 to 30 centimeters and give the Doogee S95 Pro 5 seconds. When it is done, the unlocking works pretty well and quickly! The only thing that I hate, is that it automatically opens your smartphone so you are unable to see any notification without unlocking your smartphone. Besides that, it works well and reacts very quickly, which surprised me a bit. I thought the quality of the Face Unlock would be worse. Well done Doogee!

    Never worry again if you drop your phone or spill water over it. Get the fast and rugged Doogee S95 Pro. CLICK HERE to get yours!


    Besides the features we mentioned already, the Doogee S95 Pro has more to offer. It comes with pre-installed applications, which for some is a downside and I totally understand that. However, some of these apps are useful, especially seen this is a though outdoors smartphone. In the application “Toolbag” for example, are some really useful applications for the outdoors, like the Barometer, Height Measure, or a Compass.

    Another helpful feature for the elder people or outdoor hikers is the SOS Function. With this feature, which you can to the multi-function button on the side, you can notify up to 3 people with the press of a single button. Besides a custom text message that it will send, it will also send your coordinates with it so the receivers know exactly where you are.


    A tough, rugged, modular smartphone. I never thought I would review one of those smartphones. The Doogee S95 Pro is a good smartphone, but there are points where it needs to be improved. Personally, I like to see the software get a facelift and make it more mature. Now, it looks like a high school project and that is not what you expect for this price. The other thing is the design. If I’m holding the smartphone normally, you can’t scroll down on the screen. You have to stay clear of the edges.

    On the other hand, this modular design works really well. The battery pack gives you a great extra power boost, which makes sure you will last 2 days with a single charge. There is also the speaker module, which works perfectly when clicking it on, the sounds are just not that great. The IP68 rating is a must on a rugged smartphone, and the strong edges are more than welcome too.

    The camera, the Sony IMX586, is a great sensor and it is able to take some decent pictures. While hiking, you can take close up photos, landscape photos, or nice selfies. This surprised me a bit since I’ve had other unknown brands with just trash cameras. Luckily Doogee invested in this and they now have a rugged, all-terrain smartphone with a good working camera.

    Doogee S95 Pro








    Battery Life





    • Features are good
    • Modular design is great
    • Performance are OK, but could be better
    • Price is high but justified
    • Battery lasts a day, at least


    • Software looks are not great
    • Expected a longer battery life
    • Bloatware
    • Doesn't scroll when holding the sides

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