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Bakeey Watch 6 Review – Another Lightweight Apple Watch Clone

Recently, we looked at the Bakeey Q81. As a fairly unknown brand, they produced a good product. Today, we have a look at the Bakeey Watch 6. This model looks even more like an Apple Watch, but can it perform better too? There were some improvement points on the Bakeey Q81. Let’s see if the Bakeey Watch 6 is the improved version.

Introduction & Specifications

Looking at the specifications, I can not complain. There are some specifications that I hoped to be higher, as the internal battery. In the Bakeey Watch 6, it is just 150mAh. Let’s hope it lasts long as you can do a lot with software optimization. On the other hand, there are not that many sports activities available. You can just track three different sports, according to the specification sheet, and that is just not enough.

Besides that, there is not much to complain about. It is available for Android and iOS and I like the design. There is a heart rate sensor available, and the strap looks really nice. Let’s take a deep dive into the Bakeey Watch 6.

Model:Watch 6
Bluetooth Version:4.0+
Compatible OS:Android 4,4+, iOS8.4+
Operating Mode:Single Touch
App Name:Wearfit2.0
Water Resistance:IP67
Multi-sport Modes:Yes, Cycling, Alpinism, Running
Sensors:G-Sensor, Heart Rate Sensor
Screen Size:1.3"
Screen Type:IPS
Screen Resolution:240x240
Battery Capacity:150mAh
Standby Time:Up to 15 days
Using Time:Up to 7 days
Charging Time:Up to 2 hours
Charging Type:Clamp charging
Band Material/Size:Stainless Steel, 20mm
Package:1x Bakeey Watch 6 Smart Bracelet, 1x Charging Cable, 1xUser Manual (English Version)


The box of the Bakeey Watch 6 has a slightly bigger picture of the watch on the front. The watch itself is smaller. On the back, we find the specifications and features, like notifications, camera shutter, heart rate sensor, and sleep tracking. You also see pictures on how to charge the Bakeey Watch 6, which is not the best way I’ve seen.

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Inside, we find the Bakeey Watch 6, with the Milanese strap attached to it. The charger is inside, which is some sort of clamping device with a short USB cable to it. And, of course, we have the manual inside. Luckily, it is also available in English. The other language is Chinese.

Hardware & Design

The Bakeey Watch 6 looks like an Apple Watch. That is, of course, due to the square design. I like it, but that is highly personal. I know some people like round designs, others like Fitbit-like designs, and others like square designs. In this case, I think it played out well and the finished product looks good.

There is again, just like the Bakeey Q81, a single button to control the Bakeey Watch 6. This is not the most ideal way of navigating between the menus and picking an activity as you have to click a lot of times to get where you want or get back to the main watch face. On the other hand, the edges are clear and there is no button or anything, besides the one just below the actual screen.

The strap is just amazing. It is a Milanese loop design and it looks very premium. This will also attribute to the more premium and classy look of the watch itself. I’ve not showered with it, even though it has an IP67 rating, but I’m scared the strap will get rusty. You can easily replace it, but I just try to avoid that.

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The Bakeey Watch 6, a lightweight Apple Watch. Get Yours Now During The SALE!

How To Operate?

Operating the Bakeey Watch 6 is similar to the Bakeey Q81. You have a touch button below the screen. Pressing this once will unlock the screen and pressing it a single time will make it jump to the next screen. If you want to enter a menu, like the Activities menu, you have to hold it for 3 to 4 seconds. Now, once you are in there and you want to go back to the main menu, you have to click your way through the menus until you see Back and press and hold the button again.

Bakeey Watch 6 0020

The way of operating is easy and simple, but it requires a lot of clicks. Other smartwatches, like the BlitzWolf BW-HL2 for example, have a more intuitive way of navigating and I prefer that method over this clicking many times method.

Battery Life

With just a 150mAh battery inside, I did not expect that much of it. Looking at the specifications of the Bakeey Watch 6, it suppose to last up to 15 days in standby mode. I was unable to reach that, but I’m a more active user. Fully charged, I was able to get 7 days of battery use out of it with a single activity every day. The activity was around 30 minutes, and I had continuous heart rate measurements. Not the best, but not bad either.

Charging the Bakeey Watch 6 is a disaster. You have to use the clamp-thing and you have to position it just right, otherwise, it is not charging. There are way better methods, like on the Bakeey Q81, with magnetic chargers for example. Please Bakeey, never use this method again.


The software, WearFit2.0, is simple but effective. Once opened, you have all these tabs and it is very clear that they are for. Just clicking on them makes the information available. Super handy and everybody is able to understand and use this. You can start an activity or start the remote shutter from the second tab and the third and final tab is used for device management and user account settings. Overall, I quite like this application in the way of usage and design. Hopefully, more brands will use this application. Great pick, Bakeey.

If you are an Android user, CLICK HERE to download WearFit2.0.
If you are an iOS user, CLICK HERE to download WearFit2.0.

How To Connect?

Once you downloaded the application WearFit2.0, you need to go to the Me tab and click on Connection Management. From here, you click on Connect Band and the WearFit2.0 application will start searching for ALL Bluetooth devices around you. Make sure you find the WATCH 6, as you need to click on that one to make the connection. Once clicked, it will take around 30 seconds to make the connection. After that, you are done and ready to use the Bakeey Watch 6!

Watch Faces

There are three standard watch faces available. Unfortunately, there is not an App Store like environment where you can download customer watch faces. This was the case with the Bakeey Q81, and I love it when that is available. It adds just so much value to make the smartwatch more personalized.

These are the three watch faces available on the Bakeey Watch 6:

One really annoying thing on the watch face that is also on the box is that the “heart rate” line is not the heart rate. It is just a fake line that is doing nothing at all. The line does not move, it is the same every single day, and it will not show any live data. I love to see my heart rate live, but not just a fake line doing nothing or showing me no information whatsoever.

The Bakeey Watch 6, a lightweight Apple Watch. Get Yours Now During The SALE!

Notifications/Smart Reminders

Never miss another notification, WhatsApp message, or incoming call. With the Bakeey Watch 6 and WearFit2.0 application, you can set it up to receive all the notifications you need. Simply enable it and you will receive the notification right on your wrist. The vibe motor that is inside is quite loud, so if you are in a business meeting, it might be smart to put the notifications off as it will be heard all over the room.

Here are the available notifications and applications for the Bakeey Watch 6:


Tracking your activity, tracking your sleep, and sending you notifications. All of these are basic smartwatch features. We recently reviewed the GT08 MTK6261, which could make phone calls, or the BlitzWolf BW-HL2, which looks like the Samsung Galaxy Watch! What does the Bakeey Watch 6 have to offer? It looks like an Apple Watch, but can it do the same? Let’s dive into the features some more.


Unfortunately, there are not that many activities available. Walking, or Indoor Running/Cycling is not available. I like to see more sports activities available as people are doing a whole lot of different activities. I understand not all should be listed, but more than these three should be possible.

Here are the available sports activities:
Running, Alpinism, Cycling

That’s it! No more and that is a shame. Walking would be a requirement since a lot of people are going for an afternoon walk or early morning walk. Hopefully, this can be added with updates.

Sleep Tracking

The sleep tracking of the Bakeey Watch 6 is pretty nice. In here, you can see your Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, Sleep Time (total), and Sleep Quality. All of those sleeping stages are clearly shown in a graph above and you can see straight away if you had enough deep sleep or you slept only light that night.

The Bakeey Watch 6, a lightweight Apple Watch. Get Yours Now During The SALE!

Another great thing they show is the heart rate per hour. Here you can see what your heart rate is every hour of your night. Unfortunately, it is not measured throughout the complete night, but that would take too much battery. Every hour gives you a nice overview as well. Here is how a night in the WearFit2.0 app is shown:

Bakeey Watch 6 Software 0014

Heart Rate Sensor

You can set the heart rate monitoring to measure it every hour, this is the continuous mode. This means it is not every single second, but only every hour. Once it is measured, you can click on the Heart Rate tab in the WearFit2.0 app and it will list every reading of that day and the previous days in a clear way. Here you can see if you were active on the hour mark or had a low heart rate, which means rest. Overall, it shows it very clearly and I like the way it is shown.

Bakeey Watch 6 Software 005

On the right side in the Heart Rate tab, you have the button Real-time Measure. This will start a real-time measurement, which will show the heart rate going up or down. When you stop it, it will go to the hourly readings again. You can also perform a single measurement, from the left side of the application. If you notice your heart rate is high at 11:35 AM, you can click on Single Testing and it will do an extra single measurement for you.

On the back of the watch, we see four grey/white circles and one single sensor in the middle. The grey in the middle is the actual sensor. The grey/white sensors are fake and are there to give you the impression that there is more than one LED to measure your heart rate, which is not the case. As those four around the middle one are fake, the Bakeey Watch 6 is using just a single LED.

Bakeey Watch 6 0031


On this model, the Bakeey Watch 6, we see a lower waterproof rating than on the Bakeey Q81. The Bakeey Watch 6 has an IP rating of IP67. What does it mean? You can find out more via the IP Rating Blog HERE.

IP67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, while IP68 guarantees protection in water up to 1.5m deep for the same period of time. Both are resistant to dust.

The Bakeey Watch 6, a lightweight Apple Watch. Get Yours Now During The SALE!


Besides the heart rate, the Bakeey Watch 6 also measures blood pressure and blood oxygen, as we saw in the Bakeey Q81. Since this is not a graded medical device, it is just an impression and the real score could be higher or lower.

It is nice that Bakeey is offering all these health-related measurements in relatively cheap smartwatches, even though they might not be the most accurate.

Other fun things you can see in the WearFit2.0 application, is your fatigue, your health punch, and your health calculator for example. Your fatigue shows how fatigue you are, based on your activity and sleep. The health calculator is able to calculate several things, like your Basal Metabolism, Standard Weight, BMI, or Exercise Heart Rate. All you have to do is fill in the required data, and WearFit2.0 will do the rest. This is a very fun extra feature.

Health Punch

Health Punch is a healthy habit tracker, where you can punch a health habit. For example, if you did not smoke, you can punch that in an get a score. This is a form of habit tracking and can help you built a healthier lifestyle. Very fun and you can make your own punches too, to make it even more personal for you.

Bakeey Watch 6 Software 008


As I’ve just reviewed the Bakeey Q81, the Bakeey Watch 6 performance was not a real surprise to me. The Bakeey Watch 6 can offer some really handy features, like the Health Punch or the Health Calculator. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has slightly been upgraded, which was needed compared to the Bakeey Q81.

If we look at the hardware, the Bakeey Watch 6 feels good and solid. The strap feels and looks great. This gives it a real premium feeling. The price, however, it not super-premium. Normally, this watch costs around $50, which is too much. Now, on sale, the watch costs around $25, which I find a decent price. For this, you get a good looking smartwatch with decent battery life (+- one week) and premium materials. Only the way of charging is just ridiculous. I hope they never use that method again.

Bakeey Watch 6






Product Size/Design




Battery Life



  • Price is good, when it is on sale.
  • Features, like the Health Punch or Health Calculator are amazing
  • Looks and materials are good
  • Software works really well!


  • Way of charging
  • Just three watch faces
  • Fake "heart rate" line on the default watch face
  • Fake heart rate sensors on the back
  • Limited amount of activities to track