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BlitzWolf BW-IS6 Review – Feel More Secure At Home

I often ask myself is I closed the garden door when I just stepped in my car. Instead of going back, you can watch the security camera footage with the TP-Link KC110, or see if the door is closed with the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 door sensor. Super easy, right? Let’s take a look at this small but powerful home security device.

Introduction & Specifications

Having smart door sensors is really handy and I love how such a small device, creates a great feeling of safety. You can see if you left the door open or get a notification or alarm when the door is opened while you “armed” the alarm. On the specifications, we see that the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 uses a CR2032 coin cell battery. This means that it would last for at least 1.5 years, maybe even longer.

Model:BW-IS6 Contact Sensor
Battery:CR2032 Cell
Standby Current:<8uA
Alarm Current:<15mA
Wireless Frequency:433MHz
Lower Power Alert:Yes
Alarm Distance:>1.5cm
Working Temperature:-10~50℃
Certification:FCC CE ROHS
Package Content:1x BlitzWolf BW-IS6, 1x Manual, 1x Battery, 2x Adhesive Tape


This must be the smallest box I’ve seen on products so far. It makes sense since the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 itself is super small too. It is in the style that we see all the time from BlitzWolf. Simple and minimalistic. On the front, we have the model name, BW-IS6. On the back, we find some of the specifications. Inside the box, we have the BlitzWolf BW-IS6, a CR2032 cell battery, 2x adhesive tape, and a short manual. That’s it.

Hardware & Design

The BlitzWolf BW-IS6 is small. If you don’t know they are there, you probably won’t even see them. They feel solid and the battery is easy to replace, which is a good thing. You don’t want to almost break the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 in order to replace the batteries when they die. The anti-disassembly feature is genius. I currently do not have those on my home security set up, but I’m going to look for a replacement set. That is genius. This will trigger the alarm if the door sensor is removed from the door.

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Battery Life

There is a CR2032 coin cell battery needed to power up the BlitzWolf BW-IS6. This small battery can provide power for up to 2 years to the BlitzWolf BW-IS6. That is great. You don’t want to replace the battery every other month for this home security device. You want to keep it powered on for as long as possible without paying attention to it. Given that it is a CR2032 coin cell, you can easily get replacement ones if they do need to be replaced. Instead of placing an internal battery in there, I like that BlitzWolf picked a CR2032 coin cell battery. This also means that you are back online within a minute of taking it off the door.

Feel safe again in your own house. Click Here to get the BlitzWolf BW-IS6. (You do need the Hub, otherwise, they won’t work. You can get the Hub HERE).

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Well, the features for the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 are pretty clear. They must show me if the door is open or closed and give me a push notification if the door is opened while I armed the alarm. Those are the features these budget door sensors offer too. I’ll explain them a bit more below.

Anti-Disassambeling Alarm

This is a genius feature if you ask me. The little black pin on the back? That is anti-disassembling. If for whatever reason the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 will be released from the door, it will disconnect and give you a notification. Taking the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 completely from the door will still trigger an alarm due to this feature. Genius! I currently don’t have that on my own setup, but I will definitely going to change that.


Of course, you can arm or disarm the “alarm”. This means that no alarm will ring if the door is opened. You will still be able to see if and when it is opened, but no alarm or notification is sent to you. This can be useful if you are at home and don’t want to keep getting notifications is the backdoor is open while you are sitting next to it. Just arm the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 when you go to bed or leave the house.

Feel safe again in your own house. Click Here to get the BlitzWolf BW-IS6. (You do need the Hub, otherwise, they won’t work. You can get the Hub HERE).

Lower Power Alert

You don’t want to miss notifications due to an empty battery. Luckily, you will also get notifications when the CR2032 coin cell battery is low. You can replace it in time and not miss a single day or even an hour without power. With the easy to open back, you can replace it within seconds and be online again. Love how easy BlitzWolf made it keep your house safe.

BlitzWolf BW-IS6 0030

Push Notifications

As talked about above, instead of ringing an alarm, the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 will send push notifications to your smartphone to inform you of an event. Is this the most convenient? Well, I like this. Instead of scaring some intruder right away, it gives you the time to quickly check your TP-Link KC110 security camera to see if it is someone you know or you need to call the police. Sometimes, a silent alarm, like the push notification, is better. If it is a burglar, a real alarm would probably be more efficient. Let’s hope that that never happens to you.


The tiny BlitzWolf BW-IS6 is powerful. Your house will be more secure with this door or windows sensor. Never worry if you closed the window or garden door. With the BlitzWolf BW-IS6, you know. You just quickly check the application and see that it is closed. If you are at work and the door or windows are suddenly opened, you will receive a notification. This gives you the time to check your security camera so you know what is going on.

Unfortunately, you can not just use the BlitzWolf BW-IS6. You need to BlitzWolf Home Security Hub to confirm and set them up. I would buy a few myself if I can add them to the BlitzWolf application without the Hub. Keep that in mind. The Hub is still affordable and really adds to your feeling of safety. You can just buy more of these if needed. If you want the Hub, you can get it via this link.

A lovely small device which increases the feeling of being safe in your house big time.

BlitzWolf BW-IS6




Battery Life


Product Size/Design







  • Price is good/low
  • Features are good
  • Software, BlitzWolf applcation, is great and simple
  • Anti-disassambly is a genius feature
  • Battery is easily replaced


  • You need a Hub to use them