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QCY T9S Review – Affordable, Decent, and Well Built Wireless Earbuds

I’ve reviewed a lot of wireless earbuds, and the QCY Q29 Pro really surprised me with the quality and price. Now, thanks to QCY.nl, I can review another pair of QCY earbuds! Let’s see if they can achieve the same level of quality.

Introduction & Specifications

Looking at the specifications, I’m not blown away. The ran, 20Hz to 20KHz, is not the best out there but it is not bad either. We will have to see how it performs in different genres. The IPX4 rating is good, this means you can wear it in light rain or with a heavy workout. The charging case and the earbuds itself look great. Hopefully, the quality of the audio is as good as the other model.

Connecting Interface:Micro-USB
Connectivity:Wireless (Bluetooth V5.0)
Core Chip:PAU1603
Driver Unit:6mm
Frequency Response:20Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity:104±3 dB
Charging Time:Around 2 hours
Music Time:4 hours
Talk Time:Around 3 to 4 hours
Battery Capacity (EarBuds):43mAh each
Battery Capacity (Charging Case): 380mAh
Product Size (L x W x H):66.20 x 39.80 x 30.30 cm / 26.06 x 15.67 x 11.93 inches
Package Content:1x QCY T9S EarBuds, 1x Charger Case, 1x Charging Cable, 3x Extra EarTips, 3x Extra EarWings


The QCY T9S box is a bit boring. There is a nice colorful sleeve, but remove that, it is just a brown box with no information on it at all. On the front of the sleeve, we see the QCY T9S, with a nice colorful guitar. On the back, we find some of the specifications. Just like we see with almost all the products and packages.

Inside, we find and see the QCY T9S charging case with the two earbuds inside. Inside, we also find the 3 extra EarTips and 3 extra EarWings, the manual, and charger cable. Nothing special.

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Hardware & Design

The QCY T9S are lightweight! You barely feel them when holding them and that is also the case when putting them in. You can wear them for hours and you will barely notice that they are in your ear. I’m also very content with the design of the earbuds. They do not stick out of your ear and pressing the MFB (Multi-Function Button) will not cause extra pressure on the inner-ear canal. The case feels strong. Even the lid has a solid feeling when opening and closing.

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Charging Case

The charging case of the QCY T9S is small, but offer enough battery power to charge it a couple of time. There is a battery inside which contains 380mAh. With our tests, we were able to charge it around 4 to 5 times with the charging case! Really good score.

If the charging case runs out of battery, you can charge it via the micro-USB port at the back. Taking a normal charger, this will take around 2 to 3 hours. Pretty good!

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How Do They Fit?

Yes! By default, the QCY T9S fit me perfectly. I’ve mentioned it before, this is different for every user. That is why there are 3 extra sets of EarTips and EarWings in the box so you can make it fir your ears. This is essential if you ask me. Wearing the QCY T9S comfortably is a must. You don’t want to have pain in your ears after wearing them, or them being too loose so they fall out.

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The design is really good. The MFB (Multi-Function Button) is placed in a way that, if you press it, it does not put extra pressure on your inner-ear canal. That is essential. I’ve had earbuds where this was misplaced and, when clicking the button, it caused me pain. That is not the case at all with the QCY T9S, luckily.

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What functions do the QCY T9S offer? Well, there are no surprises here. It does not offer some unique features, but let’s talk about what it does offer, like how to handle the music, how to handle the calls, and is there a voice assistant available?

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Power On/Off

Well, we’ve seen this before, and powering on wireless earbuds is remarkably easy. Just take them out of the charging case, and they turn on automatically. Super simple! If for whatever reason, you have them laying around and they are not in the case, you can turn them on by pressing the MFB (Multi-Function Button) for up to 3 seconds. They will make a connection with each other within a few seconds.

How To Connect?

All you have to do is take them out of the case and put them into your ears. Now go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and search for the “QCY-T9S”. Click on it, and the connection is made. Since the earbuds make a connection with each other, all you have to do is make the connection with that one entry, and you are good to go. Start playing your favorite podcast (Darknet Diaries for example) or your own playlist.

Music Handling

You can not control the volume when listening to music with the QCY T9S. You can control the music you are listening to. If you press the button, it does not matter what side once, you will pause the music. Pressing it again will play it again.
If you press twice on the right earbud, you will skip to the next song. Doing this on the left side will take you to the beginning of the song. Doing it at the beginning of the song will take you to the previous song.

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Call Handling

Controlling calls with the QCY T9S is also fairly easy. When you receive a call, pressing the button once, on either side, will answer the call. If you want to ignore the call, you need to hold one of the buttons for 1 second. If you are in a call and you want to mute your microphone, you need to double press the button on one of the sides and it will mute it. Doing the same action again will unmute you.

Voice Assistant?

Yes! On my android, the OnePlus Nord, the Google Assistant is available. When you press the MFB (Multi-Function Button) on the right side for around 1 second, you will hear a beep. That beep is Google Assistant listening to your questions. This is actually really handy to have on earbuds, and when it is not available I do miss it. Luckily, on the QCY T9S, you have the ability to use it with Google Assistant. If it works with Siri, I do not know. I have no way of testing this.


We talked about how to control the music, how to turn it on, and how to connect it. But how is the quality of the sound? How is the quality of calling? And, an important feature, how is the battery life? Let’s find out!

Battery Life

The batteries of the QCY T9S are good. Fully charged, I was able to get around 4 hours of music time out of them. That is more than enough for a few trips from work to home and back. With the charging case, you get even better battery life. You can charge the earbuds around 4 to 5 times, and that means you should be able to just charge it once a week! That is great. Charging of the case and earbuds takes around 2 hours and you are good to go for another week.

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Sound Quality

By default, the sound quality is not superb. For a pair of wireless earbuds of €19,95, I do not expect the best quality of course. For this price, it is very decent. I listened to different genres, like hardcore, hip-hop, classic, and charts. All of those are totally fine, but it is a bit flat. Especially with music that has some bass in it, like hardcore or hip-hop, this can become a bit of an issue.

This can be greatly impacted and improved with bass booster applications, which increase the overall quality of the sounds. I highly recommend using such an application, not just for the QCY T9S. This makes the whole experience of music better.

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Call Quality

I tried to make a few phone calls with the QCY T9S. I made a few indoors and a few outdoors. There is a big difference between indoor and outdoor. Indoor, for example, is totally fine. There is no wind and you are perfectly able to make a few, good phone calls. When you go outside, you get a lot of outside noise and, sometimes, your voice is not captured properly due to the wind and outside noises it takes. The good thing is that the conversation is coming through to both earbuds.

Waterproof IPX4 Rating

I imagine you want to wear wireless earbuds while working out. Luckily the QCY T9S has an IP rating of IPX4. This means it is not completely waterproof, but it is resistant to water splashes (like rain or sweat). Take it our during your marathon run, don’t worry when it starts to rain lightly, the QCY T9S will be able to handle it all.


The QCY T9S, a wonderful pair of wireless earbuds. The sound quality is good, but not the best around. Calling is fine, but not in windy places. The hardware, placement of the MFB (Multi-Function Button), and the charging case are all really well built and made. If you are looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that you can wear for hours in a row, this is definitely an option. With equalizer software, you can even make the quality of the sound better. Are they worth it? For the price, €19,95, yes! They are cheap and they work well.





Battery Life


Product Size/Design







  • Price is low and good
  • Battery life is good
  • Fits well with eartips and earwings
  • Charging case and earbuds feel solid and well built
  • Indoor calling is fine


  • Sound quality is not the best
  • Calling outside is hard

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