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AIRAUX AA-UM4X Review – Volume Control On Wireless Earbuds!

AIRAUX, a subbrand of BlitzWolf, made the AA-UM4X. A pair of wireless earbuds that reminds me of the Apple AirPods Pro. The “long legs” are smaller now, they have touch control and charge via the charging case. I’ve never had a pair of AIRAUX before. Let’s see if they can compete with the QCY T7, or the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2.

Introduction & Specifications

Recently we received and reviewed the QCY T7, a lovely pair of wireless earbuds. They looked a lot like the original Apple AirPods, but now we have the AIRAUX AA-UM4X. This pair of wireless earbuds is smaller, but how good are they? Looking at the specifications, and the fact that it is a subbrand of BlitzWolf, I have good faith that they will do a good job. Let’s see if they can impress with the audio quality of call quality.

IP Rating:IPX5
Frequency Range:20Hz - 20KHz
Earbud Battery:30mAh
Charging Case Battery:320mAh
Charging Time Earbuds:Around 1.5 hours
Charging Time Case:Around 2 hours
Play Time:Around 3 hours
Charging Case Size:54.6mm x 43.1mm x 26.8mm
Earbud Size:30.4 x 16.9 x 15.4mm
Charging Case Weight:27g
Earbud Weight (per earbud):3g


As it is a subbrand of BlitzWolf, I expected a much more simple box design. I like the red colors that are used in the box. Besides that, we see the brand name on the front and a picture of the earbuds. On the back, surprisingly, we find the specifications. Inside the box, we see the AIRAUX AA-UM4X charging case with the earbuds. Lovely small design! Besides that, we have a manual and a USB-C charging cable to charge the case. Simple packaging, which is a good thing in this case.

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Hardware & Design

When taking out the charging case of the box, you feel that it is super lightweight. The case weighs just 27 grams! Both earbuds are super lightweight as well, they weigh just 3 grams each. Because the weight is so low, it has a cheap feeling to it.

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Charging Case

The hinge opens and closes easily and the earbuds snap in place perfectly. When charging, you have the USB-C port at the back in the middle. Connecting the charger feels good and it really holds the cable well. It does not have a cheap feeling when it comes to the charging port at all.


The legs of the AIRAUX AA-UM4X are flat, and that is new for me. The earbuds itself are like the old Apple EarPods and they fit every ear out there I believe. Having the flat legs, give it a more compact and Apple AirPods Pro kind of look. You can use the touchpads on the side, which works pretty well. I’ve not had it fail on me a single time. Unfortunately, the earbuds do not have wear detection, which I really like on the QCY T7. Besides that, I love the design and lightweight feeling of the AIRAUX AA-UM4X.

How To Connect?

Connecting to the AIRAUX AA-UM4X is easy. There is no automatic connection, like the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 on Xiaomi smartphones, but all you have to do is connect once to the earbuds on your smartphone and you are done.

When you take the earbuds out of the charging case and place them in your ears, all you have to do is go to the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and connect to “AA-UM4X”. When that is done, which takes around 1 to 5 seconds, you are set! From now on, you can just take them out of the case, they turn on automatically, and you are connected to the AIRAUX AA-UM4X earbuds.


How do you control the AIRAUX AA-UM4X? There are so many different brands and they offer a wide variety of functions. Below we will talk about how to control and use the AIRAUX Aa-UM4X. Personally, the volume control is the best function and I’ve not seen it on many other brands in this price range.

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Power On/Off

Like almost all the other wireless earbuds we have reviewed, the AIRAUX AA-UM4X offers automatic power on/off. I can honestly not think of wireless earbuds with manual power control anymore. This is so easy and comfortable to use that I do not want anything else anymore.

Music Controls

When listening to music, you might want to skip to the next song or go back to the beginning of the song. How?

If you want to go to the previous song or the beginning, you need to hold the left button for 2 seconds.
If you want to go to the next song, you need to hold the right button for 2 seconds.
Pausing a song or podcast is done by tapping a single time on either the left or right side. Resuming the song or podcast is done in the same way.

Volume Controls

Volume control! Yes, it is available on the AIRAUX AA-UM4X and I LOVE it! Now, without taking my phone out of my pocket, I can easily change the volume. Tapping twice on the left side will increase the volume. Tapping twice on the right side will lower the volume. I rather see it the other way around, but it is what it is. Using this function for 2 or 3 times, and you are used to this way. Great function.

Call Controls

You are about to get to the favorite part of your song and you do not want to have a phone conversation now. How do you control a phone call with the AIRAUX Aa-UM4X?

Tapping one time on the right or left side will accept the call. This action also ends the call when you are already in a call.
If you want to reject the incoming phone call, you need to press and hold the left or right side for 1 second or longer.

Voice Assistant

I used the AIRAUX AA-UM4X with my Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and the Google Pixel 5, so I used the Google Assistant. Tapping the left or right side 3 times will activate the selected voice assistant. Works great and I like to use it while walking. Having the Google Assistant just 3 taps away is nice to know.


A pair of wireless earbuds must offer more than just good audio quality. An IP rating, volume control, and noise-canceling are good to have. Recent reviews showed that most of them, even the more expensive Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2, do not offer all of those features. Can the AIRAUX AA-UM4X surprise us?


Sound Quality

At a price of below 25 euros, we can not expect to get the best audio quality. On the other hand, we’ve seen earbuds perform very well when it comes to budget audio quality, like the QCY T7 for example.

The AIRAUX AA-UM4X is on the same level. There is some bass, the quality is decent, but not the best. You can comfortably listen to music, podcasts, or TV-shows, but if you are a real audio lover, this is not a pair of earbuds for you. The BGVP DMG (wired) is the best earbud audio quality pair I’ve ever had, but those are considerably more expensive.

Are you looking for a pair for your evening walk? Your morning commute to work? Or just a back-up pair? This is the perfect pair for that (if you do not call that often….)

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Call Quality

Calling outside is a nightmare. I called someone when walking outside next to a road where some cars were driving past me, and the noise was so loud and hard that the other person had to take the phone off their ear as it was too loud and annoying. We’ve seen the QCY T7 and the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro 2 cancel or change the sound of passing cars, but the AIRAUX AA-UM4X does not have such a feature.

Inside calling is fine, as there is no background noise. As soon as you have cars passing by, wind blowing, or any other sound, it is not recommended to call. When you are inside, those things are not there and your voice is captured good and crisp. It is a shame that there is no Environmental Noise Canceling, as the microphone for my voice works better than the QCY T7 for example.

IP Rating

Yes! There is an IP rating for the AIRAUX AA-UM4X. They have an IPX5 rating. You can safely wear them outside when it is raining, or when you are sweating, or when it is super humid outside. Basically, this means you can safely wear them while working out. A great job is done by AIRAUX.


Noise Canceling?

Unfortunately, the AIRAUX AA-UM4X does not offer Active Noise Canceling or Environmental Noise Canceling. I expected it to have Environmental Noise Canceling, as that makes calling outside way better. Others, like the QCY T7, offer it and it works pretty well, to be honest. It is a shame that the AIRAUX AA-UM4X is missing this feature. I like the more compact design, but I rather use the QCY T7 now.


It can happen that you need to enter a Bluetooth security code when making the connection. In the case of the AIRAUX AA-UM4X, this is “0000”.


The AIRAUX AA-UM4X is an amazing pair of wireless earbuds. For this price, you get a good pair of earbuds that perform very decent. The sound quality is good, but not the best. Calling inside is totally fine and your voice is captured clear and crisp. Outside calling is dramatic. There is no Environmental Noise Canceling and cars are heard very loud by the other person.

If you are looking for a pair of earbuds to use on your day to day tasks, work commute, or walk outside, this is a pair to consider. I really like the design of the earbuds with the flat legs, the super lightweight design, and the reasonable battery life. This is a brand I will look into further as they did surprise me!



Product Size/Design






Sound Quality


Call Quality



  • Sound quality is good for this price
  • Design is great
  • Volume control is available with touch!
  • Price is good/low
  • Weight is super low


  • No wear detection
  • Outside calling is super bad. No Environmental Noise Canceling