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Cheerble Ball M1 Review – Great Cat Toy For When You’re Away

I have two cats at home and every single time I leave them alone, I feel kind of bad because there is nobody around. I looked around for toys that would play with them for a few minutes every hour or something like that. When I was browsing Kickstarter, I came across the Cheerble Ball M1. Is this the toy that I was looking for? Can this toy entertain my cats when I’m at work? Let’s find out!

Introduction & Specifications

This small ball is capable of playing with my cats while I’m away and with the 100mAh battery inside, it can play for up to 4 hours. Now, when I’m at working or going for a drink, I know my cats are not bored and start damaged my furniture, they will play with the Cheerble Ball M1. There are different modes on there, and it will automatically stop playing after 10 minutes for a well-deserved break of 30 minutes. Is this toy a must-have for cat owners?

Model:Ball M1 (C0419)
Color:Red & Gray
Modes:Gentle, Normal, Active
Battery:Li-Polymer 3.7v 100mAh
Battery Life:Up to 4 hours
Charging Time:1 hour
Weight:60 grams
Materials:PC & Synthetic fiber materials


Where the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker comes in a huge box, the Cheerble Ball M1 comes in a very small package. The packaging is simple, but I do like it. On the front, we see the Cheerble Ball M1. On the back, we find some features, and on the side, we see a cute cat illustration.

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Inside, we have another box. When we open that box, we see the manual. Underneath the manual, we find the box with a little bell inside. This bell can be attached. This makes it more attractive to cats, but also noisier. Underneath that box, we find the Cheerble Ball M1. A small, decent sized automated cat toy. I love it!

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Hardware & Design

The Cheerble Ball M1 is small, with a LED light strip in the middle of the ball. It is the ideal size where it does not go underneath any furniture, like my couch, but it is big enough for my cats to notice and play with it. One side is just the hairy like material, where the other side hides the Micro-USB port and the bell hinge. This is hidden underneath a rubber cover, which opens easily for us but stays closed for the cats.

The button, which is underneath the cover, is easily clickable. With this button, you can turn the Cheerble Ball M1 on or off and change the mode. But later more on the different modes.


When you turn on the Cheerble Ball M1 and there is no light or red light, it means that the battery is empty. You can easily charge it with the short Micro-USB cable that comes with the Cheerble Ball M1. When you charge it for 1 hour, you can use the Cheerble Ball M1 for up to 4 hours again. Not bad. When the LED light is yellow, this means it is charging. Green, of course, means that the Cheerble Ball M1 is fully charged and ready to go.

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Turn On/Off

The button on the side, which is also the button to change modes, is the power button. When you click on the bone icon for 3 seconds, the Cheerble Ball M1 will turn on. Super easy. Doing the same action, click the bone icon for 3 seconds, and the Cheerble Ball M1 will turn off.

Get the Cheerble Ball M1 now to entertain your cats while you are away. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS!


What makes the Cheerble Ball M1 unique? There are different modes on this toy to keep your cat entertained while you are away. It is a simple toy, but the Cheerble Ball M1 does play with your cat. Since this is the first cat toy that I review, I have no idea what to expect from a product like this. Let’s see what the features are of this automatic cat toy.

The Little Bell

A fun and extra thing you can attach to the Cheerble Ball M1 is the little bell. This will attract the attention of your cat even more and makes it want to play with it. I like the way Cheerble designed the hook to attach the little bell too, which is underneath the cover.

Different Modes

Not all cats are super active, or lazy all day. Some like to play more than others and the Cheerble Ball M1 offers three different activity levels. You can set it to match the activity of your cat. These are the levels and colors that indicate which mode you are on:

  • Green is Passive.
  • Blue is Normal.
  • Purple is Active.
  • For me, I almost always set them to Green or Blue since my cats are sleeping 23 hours of the day. They do play with it from time to time, so I guess the mode I selected for them is right. You can easily change modes by clicking on the button once and the color of the LED will change so you can find the perfect mode for your cat.

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    When your cat is playing with the Cheerble Ball M1, it produces some noise. Especially when the ball is bouncing around, it is loud. It does not bother me that much, but it is definitely not a quiet toy. Letting your cats play with this while you are on a phone call, while you are sleeping, or when friends are over is not a good idea. It makes too much noise for that.

    This is without the bell that you can attach. If you attach the ball, it makes more noise, but that is expected. My cats love to play with the Cheerble Ball M1 with the bell attached. I’ll just attach it and ignore it for an hour so my cats can have some fun.

    How Does It Work?

    When you turn the Cheerble Ball M1 on and picked the mode you want it to be on, you can just leave it on the ground. You can activate it by tapping or shaking it, or it will be automatically activated after 15 seconds. Depending on the mode, it will be more active (purple) or less active (passive). You can set it to the activity level of your cat, which is a nice touch. You don’t want a super active automatic toy when your cat is lazy.

    The Cheerble Ball M1 will play for 10 minutes and then take a 30-minute break. This break, however, can be stopped if your cat touches the Cheerble Ball M1 again. If that happens, the Cheerble Ball M1 will start playing for another 10 minutes.

    Get the Cheerble Ball M1 now to entertain your cats while you are away. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS!

    Battery Life

    On a single charge, the Cheerble Ball M1 can play for up to 4 hours. When you are off to work and you know that your cat will be entertained for the next 4 hours is a nice thought. When you are home, you can easily charge it again, which takes around 1 hour, and the next day you are ready to go for another 4 hours. Not bad at all.

    You need to charge it using Micro-USB. Normally, I expect it to have USB-C, but in this case, that is not needed at all and I like that Cheerble saved the costs and used the Micro-USB charger.


    An automatic cat toy. I never thought that I would be so happy with a small automatic call, but the Cheerble Ball M1 is a great toy. I bought this on Kickstarter and my cats thank me for that.

    On a single charge, which takes 1 hour, you can use the ball for up to 4 hours. That is not bad. Charging is done via the Micro-USB port underneath the cover. This is well hidden and the cats can not open the cover by themselves. You can set the Cheerble Ball M1 to 3 different modes, Passive, Normal, and Active. Depending on how active your cat is, you can set it to the appropriate mode. This toy is designed to play for 10 minutes and then take a 30-minute break, which is a must. You can not constantly play with your cat. Now, your cat has some time to regain energy, take some rest, and start playing again!

    If you have a cat, I would highly recommend this toy to keep your cats active and entertained while you are away.

    Cheerble Ball


    Product Size/Design






    Battery Life





    • Different modes available
    • Entertains your cat while you are away
    • Battery lasts long enough for a play day
    • Price is OK


    • It makes noise when it is bouncing around
    • Might be too expensive for some