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Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic Review – Expensive Laptop Stand

With the working from home situation, people are not working on the most ergonomic desk. People work on their dining table, a low desk, or just on the couch. That can not be good for your neck or back. With the Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic, you can make any workplace better. It is a pricey product, but it makes a big difference.


The Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic is a laptop stand which you can use while sitting down, or when you are standing. You can change the height so you can use your dining table as a standing desk! This way you are not always sitting down, which is not good for you.

At the moment I work a few days from home and I use my laptop and 1 external monitor. Normally, my laptop was just beside the external screen. There is a difference in height and I noticed a big difference after I started to use the Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic.


Some companies, like Apple, really invested in the unboxing experience. Xidu is not one of them. The box is boring and just a card box brown. On the front, we have a product image and the brand name. On the sides is….. Nothing. On the back, we have minor information. That’s it. The box is nothing more than that. Inside we just find the Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic, nothing else. No paper, nothing we are never going to use, just the laptop stand in a plastic bag.

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This is the greenest packaging that I’ve seen. There is no unneeded plastic, no packaging that is not needed. In that way, Xidu did a great job!

Hardware & Design

The Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic is made of aluminum and weighs around 2 kilos. The stand feels very solid and the hinges are tough to move. Normally that is a bad thing, but in this case, it is a very good thing. It needs to support the weight of a laptop, and therefore the tough hinges are a big plus. Besides that, there is a hole underneath the laptop that is used to cool the laptop. Smart and needed as some computers are getting really hot sometimes. On the place where you place the laptop are silicone stamps to prevent the laptop from sliding or moving.

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This is not a smartphone or smartwatch with a long list of functionalities. There are some small features on there that make it a handy tool for every workplace.

The Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic can support laptops up to 10 kilos! That is insane. The hinges but me really tough to support weights like that. Really good point. Another good feature is the flexibility of the Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic. You can change the height, the angle of the laptop, and you can move it further towards yourself. You can really change the Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic in the perfect angle for you to work on.

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In theory, you should be able to work on the dining table with the Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic in standing mode. If I would recommend that? No. When you type, the laptop becomes very unstable and jiggles around a lot. That is annoying to work on. If you have a meeting to join, this is perfect!

You can also fit a big laptop on there. The Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic supports laptops up to 17″!


The price is the only downside of the Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic. With over 70 euros it is an expensive laptop stand. There are cheaper options with the same functionality.

If we ignore the price and just look at the product, this is a very good product. It feels very solid, you can change the height, the angle, and the distance to you. Besides that, you can place weights up to 10 kilos on there and laptops up to 17″. Xidu thought about the cooling of your laptop and prevented it from sliding off the platform.

Would I buy this product? I think not. That is purely based on the price. If the Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic was cheaper, this would be a no-brainer. It really improved my work from home workplace and I enjoy using it very much.

Xidu PhilStand Max Ergonomic


Product Size/Design











  • Feels very solid
  • Flexible so you can make it perfect for you desk
  • Supports laptops up to 10 kilos and up to 17"
  • Strong hinges so it can handle the weight of a laptop
  • A big plus in a ergonomic workplace


  • Price is high!